Sacre Bleu! It worked!

Well my very first wordpress upgrade was a success 🙂 [upgrade 2.0.2 – 2.0.4]. I did have a couple of hiccups along the way though. I carefully followed instructions for upgrading at the WordPress Codex – specifically the part about disabling all the plugins. Only thing is I disabled the Sidebar Widgets plug-in before disabling the plugins that required it. This resulted in disabling YAR! and the admin panel. Not to fear though – I remembered reading somewhere that if you get a problem with a plugin to just delete it or rename the file. So I renamed the entire widgets directory and voila – not only did I restore access to YAR! but I also disabled most of the plugins in the process.

Then I simply copied over the new wordpress files – did the “upgrade.php” bit and voila I now feature 2.0.4 wordpress goodness. Shazam!

If you see wierd stuff happening here…

I’m upgrading YAR!? to the latest release of WordPress (2.0.4).? Along the way I’m deactivating some plugins etc. that may interefere with the upgrade process to help troubleshoot if things get “messed up”.? So…if things aren’t normal bear with me – if the upgrade bombs out I’ll restore things to the way they were.? Of course this notice is for all the avid readers of YAR!? Don’t want to upset my fan base… 😉

The Anemic “Professional Christian”

I came across this interesting article while conducting a web search for this weekends message. Dan Reiland talks about his staff praying that God doesn’t send Christians to their church and he has some excellent insights into what he calls “Professional Christians”. I really resonated with their philosophy of ministry and I agree with a lot of what he stated!

Monday Morning Insight Weblog: Dear God: Please Don’t Send Christians To Our Church!

Free Sod?

IdeasThis is an Ideas Brain Dump Post.

On my way to the office today I noticed a construction crew working on the side of the road digging in preparation to put a sidewalk in. Then it hit me – these guys were tearing up really niceley manicured grass (it was in front of some businesses) and just sticking it in the dumptruck along with the other good topsoil. I wonder…

Would they let someone go on ahead of them and take the sod away before they got to it? If so…that would be a great way for a person to get some free sod for those home landscaping projects. There’s also potential there for an entrepreneurial person to get the sod and resell it. Dang, if I had of noticed it sooner and had my van prepped I would have swung by and seen if I could pick up some sod for my front lawn that needs done 😉

“When it’s more convenient…”

Devotional PicturesText: Acts 24:25 (NLT)

…Felix was terrified. “Go away for now,” he replied. “When it is more convenient. I’ll call for you again.”

Paul was on trial before Felix, the governor of Caesarea, because of a supposed riot he had been accused of starting by some Jews from Jerusalem who wanted to see Paul dead. The background of this story is found in Acts 22-24.

What’s interesting for me in this passage is that we are told that Felix is familiar with the “Way” which Paul belonged to (the Christian church, Acts 24:22) and a few days after the trial (before a decision had been made) he invited Paul to come and visit with him and his wife Drusilla. The text says that they listened as Paul told them about faith in Christ Jesus. Paul told them about righteousness, self-control, and the judgment to come. We are then told that Felix became terrified and sent Paul away until a more “convenient” time.

Verse 26 says that Felix hoped that Paul might bribe him (for his release perhaps?) and so he sent for Paul quite often and talked with him. How long did this go on for? Well according to verse 26, two years! Two years went by where Paul would quite often visit with Felix (while still a prisoner) and talk about Christ! Yet, it seems that Felix never believed (or wanted to believe).

The phrase, “When it’s more convenient” really stuck out. There are so many people today who would rather consider the claims of Christ and his followers at a more convenient time. Certianly not in the now, or today while things are okay! It is truly sad that often the “convenient” times are when people are in the midst of crisis or tragedy. It’s even sadder when that convenient time never materializes because people die before believing the gospel.

Another facet of convenience is that many people don’t want to hear about or consider the “way” of Jesus Christ because they are afraid of the implications in their lives. So many people are quite happy with the condition of their life that they don’t want any “religion” (even though it’s not about religion) to mess with the status quo. In this case, “when it’s convenient” is really saying “sounds to uncomfortable to me”.

Finally, I can’t ignore the frequency of this phrase in my own life (and I’m sure many other Christians would be guity of this as well). Whether its a side-effect of the comfort and blessings of living where I live, or if it’s just plain old laziness, there are times when I choose to excerise the disciplines of my Christian walk, “when it’s convenient”. The sad thing is, what I think is an inconvenience is necessary and I’m missing out on good stuff. It’s like any relationship, for a relationship to grow there are times where you don’t want to visit with someone or talk with someone or invest in the relationship because it seems “inconvenient” but in reality that time spent and investment you make would be the best thing you could do and would turn out to be really enjoyable and fulfilling. So many of us miss out on the blessings of a more intimate and fulfilling relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit because we’re just waiting for “when it’s more convenient”

Does this cement look right?

IdeasThis is an Ideas Brain Dump post.

Alright, over my holidays I’ve been tackling the job of making new window sills for the windows in our house. The wooden ones had been rotting away (it’s an old house, don’t you love them?) and it was suggested to me by a friend of mine that replacing them with cement ones would be a better solution. So, with some help getting a form made I decided to tackle the job.

Now, when the first day came for mixing cement I thought I’d go online for a little help with learning how to mix it. Especially since the instructions that came on the bag of cement I bought were rather vague (arent’ they usually?). Well, to my surprise I couldn’t find any information on the internet about mixing cement to the right consistency. I assumed it would be something easy to find. There were plenty of pages dealing with warnings about making sure its mixed right and doing it from scratch but any instructions I did find were just as vague as the back of the bag.

So what did I do? Trial and error :lol:. I explained my experience with the first sill to my friend (which didn’t turn out to well) and he said I hadn’t added enough water. So, my second sill, I added more water and it seemed to turn out a lot better.

I’ve said all this to get to the idea…

I thought, wouldn’t it be great to create a page with step by step instructions (including pics) for mixing small amounts of “ready to mix” concrete. Pictures would go a long way to show what the final mix looks like. That’s it! That’s the idea. Maybe I’ll tackle it someday – if someone else beats me to the punch that’s okay hehe – as long as it helps someone out there… 😉

33 Years just goes too quickly

Birthday CakeWell, today is my birthday (and yes the birthday of the US Independence Day – but since I’m Canadian I won’t emphasize that…however, thanks for the fireworks :)) and yet another year has passed by in my life. The age-old saying is true, the older you get…the faster time flies. So what is it anyway? Is it some hidden, yet-undiscovered abstract of Einstein’s theory of relativity or is it just the brain cells responsible for tracking time starting to age? I dont’ know but the for every year I advance I start to miss the years that have gone.

Still, the wisdom (sic!) and experience gained over the years is a bonus. As is, my wife, kids, house, car, life. There are times where I realize just how blessed my life has been and how much of a blessing I should pass on. This year I’m hoping to go on a missions trip to Africa and help out overseas. Lately my wife and I have been re-evaluating some of our expenditures and considering cutting some things so we have more to give to the less fortunate. Is this a plug to promote my ego? No :lol:, it’s just that we’re really gaining an understanding that as life marches on there’s a responsiblity we have for the blessings we have been granted.

Maybe, it is just wisdom with years after all…