Article Find – Preaching – Give the text out ahead of time…Invite participation

This article presents a great idea that I think I’ll try out in the near future (as soon as I get “organized” enough where I know the text for next weeks message a week ahead). I especially like how can help prepare people for hearing me preach on a particular text and invite their participation. Gives me one more reason to try accelerating the development of the new HPC Online site so I can incorporate this in the site somehow! See the full article here: Layers of Bible Study: Reinforced, Concrete –

Been a bit quiet here…

Yeah I know, I haven’t posted in a while. It’s just things have been so busy everytime I visit thinking I’ll post something I’m just so tired – too tired to think let alone type :lol:! Anyway, what have I been up to that’s kept me so busy? Well aside from church stuff I’ve been working on a website for my brother-in-law in the evenings. He’s got a cabinet making business and asked me to design a simple website for him that’s easy to maintain. I just finished most of it last night – when it goes live I’ll post a link.

Another thing that’s been keeping me busy is cutting wood in preparation for winter. My house has a woodstove and it is by far the most economical way of heating our old house. So between cutting/splitting wood and preparing the house for winter I’ve been kept pretty busy outside as well. The upside to this is I’m getting lots of needed excercise and fresh air!
Meanwhile…other things that have been percolating in my brain in the last little while – get ready here comes a list…

  1. I’m getting sick of the first theme I designed. I learned a lot doing it – but it’s a little bit more clunky than I envisioned. Unfortunately I don’t really have the time to do anything about it right now – but I definitely see a new layout down the road.
  2. I’m really liking WordPress and the thought that’s gone into it’s core code. The more I examine it’s innards the more I appreciate the quality word that’s been done therein – even though my noobness means I don’t understand a lot of it :lol:. Nevertheless I like working with wordpress so much I’m strongly considering converting my church website over to wordpress from phpnuke. Along with a couple other things…
  3. I’ve registered a new domain – – which for now points to where unashamed sermons is found. However – I think I’m going to move Unashamed Sermons to a seperate website from my church website again. Unashamed Online is okay but with the integration it really isn’t serving the purpose for which I created it and hoped would take place. It’s a rather clunky place for visitors to find out any information about our church and creates extra steps for people who use Unashamed Sermons to get to the content. By seperating the two I can focus on making the hub for pastors/teachers/and students of God’s word as a resource containing not only my messages but other focused material that fits that group of people. And I can focus on as being the primary information center for my church. I have a few ideas that I think will make wordpress a really cool solution for both instances. If you are a visitor/member of unashamed online don’t worry I’m not going to do anything to it until I have everything up and running with the new ones.
  4. One thing that I’ve had on the backburner for a while is an online catalog of our church library. I was developing a module for php-nuke but since stumbling on wordpress I’m considering scrapping everything I’ve done so far (which isn’t too much thank goodness) and yes you guessed it – create it in wordpress. I’m excited about the possibilities.

Of course while those things are on my mind there’s one problem. The time-factor. My only opportunity for doing these kinds of things it at night after the kids have gone to bed. Oh well, I’ll plug away at it when I can!

My first plugin for wordpress! [cloudy-widget]

Plug[drumroll] yay! I’ve completed my very first plugin for wordpress! It actually isn’t something to get too excited over because I didn’t really do anything original but merely made a widgetized version of a plugin I really liked. It is based on Chris Compton’s plugin called…you guessed it, “Cloudy“! Anyway you can head on over to this page to find out more about Cloudy-Widget!

Oh how I dislike IE…

I’ll probably post more on this subject as time goes on but one thing that has really irked me in this last few days as I’ve worked on designing my first theme is the workarounds one has to go through to have something that appears right using Firefox look the same in IE.

I never realized the degree of difference between the two browsers (innards wise anyway) until I started learning css and fooling around with it more.? I used to be an IE fan but I got hooked on Firefox when I discovered tab browsing and the incredible array of extensions and plug-ins you can get for it.? Recently I installed the developer toolbar extension by Chris Pederick and it really does help in rooting out coding and design bugs…in Firefox anyway.

I really am not a great coder by any means but just the feel of using Firefox is a lot better than IE.? Looking at your site over and over again on Firefox as you design it is like having a nice smooth milkshake compared to eating sand when working with IE.

And to think I actually liked using Internet Explorer all those years…well I’m chasing the fox now!

Launch of Eclectic Excogitation!

YAR! has morphed into Eclectic Excogitation and I’ve transfered it to my new domain Why “Eclectic Excogitation”? Because I’m a nerd with a lot of different interests! Why “unfolding neurons”? Because it’s a unique way of describing what my domain is going to be about. For now, unfolding neurons is just hosting my blog but more things will probably come down the road. This transfer was quite an experience as in the process I also created my very first theme for wordpress which I’ve called Eclectic-Black. Though I’ve been testing it on both IE6 and Firefox I’m still uncovering a few bugs here and there and there are still tweaks I want to make to the color and layout. I’m a bit of a noob at coding and designing so feel free to comment away on the look of this site 🙂 I’m not releasing this theme to the public yet – but in few weeks I may. I just want to clean up a lot of the css and make it a little bit more user friendly before I do.

At this point, I’m disliking this first theme I created more and more so I probably won’t be releasing it public as I don’t have the desire to “tweak” it anymore.? If I get any requests for it I may take another look at it – but for now it’s got a leftover kind of taste to it…