Is hell really that popular?

CNN has posted a news item about the domain name “” being put up for auction where the organizers hoped the online address would get bids in excess of $1 million. The current owner of the domain (Kenneth Aronson) said,

“Branding experts said the name is recognized more than Coca-Cola,…It’s so enigmatic and the person who buys it has the potential to make it a very big portal.”

I can’t help but wonder. If is worth so much…what would be worth?

Sometimes it just makes me sick…

Call it getting up on the wrong side of the bed – or maybe I am just a little bit grouchy this morning – but there are times when the Christian Marketing machine just makes me sick! I’m reading through my copy of Outreach magazine (great magazine by the way) and I came across one of the many ads found in there for various Christian ministries etc. This ad has this tagline:

Ever wonder if your sermons are connecting? Try the translation that speaks to the heart.

and goes on to say:

As a pastor, you want your messages to connect on the deepest possible level. Thankfully, the New Living Translation delivers living language that hits the target every time. Scripture comes to life. People pay attention. The message gets through. It’s the translation you can count on to connect, and that you can depend on for precise scholarship. Speak God’s Word to your congregation in language that they understand – and watch them wrap their hearts around God’s message.

And finally at the bottom of the ad they advertise that Pastor’s can get a free 4-week sermon series at – when I clicked to check it out I couldn’t find it.

I guess what bothered me most about this ad is not the fact that it’s advertising a Bible Translation – actually I use the NLT on occasion myself because it is written very clearly and sometimes does aid in getting a point across. What bothered me the most was that it appeared to me the ad was appealing to a pastor looking for a quick fix and communicating the idea that using this particular Bible Translation will solve all your problems with sharing God’s message with the congregation. The subtle message, “Use this translation and it will work wonders!” is communicated in the ad and frankly it turned my stomach.

Since when did the power and authority and life-changing work of preaching God’s word depend on what translation of the Bible you used? It is not the choice of phrasing, or transliterations that impacts life-change in people but instead the Spirit who breathes life into peoples hearts as they hear God’s word. Hey, what about what Paul wrote to Timothy…

16 All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. — 2 Timothy 3:16 (NLT)

I wonder what Paul would have said if he saw this ad?

Article Find – Revenge of the Plants

Fly hazardYou know I never thought of the creation/evolution debate from this angle before, but Dr. Richard Yen (a cell biologist, founder of a biotech company, and advisor to the West-Coast Chinese Christian Conference) certainly has a valid point in highlighting how plants defy the evolutionary model. Certainly when you read this article you can’t help but see why evolutionists might want to avoid talking about plants…

Way to go Lyndon!

This young guy decided to challenge the assumption schools are so ready to make that evolution is a proven fact instead of a practiced ideology. From the sounds of it, Lyndon did an excellent presentation and opened the door up for a lot of further discussion. Just thought it was worth mentioning here!
By the way, “” is a great resource for parents, students or anyone interested in reading more about a different way at looking how the world and us came about. There are excellent articles there written by very well-educated folks on a number of various scientific subjects and they do a great job of keeping the site up to date with current findings as well. Don’t dismiss it without checking it out!

Article Find – “Israel, the Canary in the Coal Mines”

In this article, Harry Antonides writes about the flaws that exist in the news reporting that takes place in the Middle East. His premise is that predisposed bias of western news agencies of secularism (there is no God), moral relativism (there is no truth), and tolerance (multi-cuturalism) has a profound affect on the prevailing opinion of the state of Israel in the hostile Arab/Muslim world of the Mid-East. He highlights that for the most part, western media covering the events taking place are overly pliant and willing to do “soft” reporting of the happenings which often means a failure to correctly report the facts and truth of terrorist vs. Israel military actions.

When reading an article like Harry’s one can’t help but see the focused efforts of militant terrorists to use the west’s own media as a form of propaganda machine to soften resistance to their violent and intolerant actions. What baffles me is that so many people are so quick to “buy into” what the media reports as “truth” without questioning the legitimacy of the reports.

Here’s the rub: The Bible has stood the test of time for near 2000 years and even though it has had it’s share of critics and challenges it has never been proven wrong. Truth, so freely, and readily available (and trustworthy to boot) but so quickly dismissed as ancient myth…

Parents: Great Clean Fun stop for Kids

Being a parent of four young children I’m always on the lookout for great online resources that they can go to and I don’t have to worry about what they are doing. Better yet – I like sites that I can sit with them and not drift off to sleep (!) Head on over and visit this site created by the Canadian Bible Society: – Engaging Children with God’s Word

Five non-religious arguments for marriage over living together

I’ve always been against the practice of living together before marriage and for the wonderful commitment between a couple in getting married. However, even though I disagree with a guy and gal living together before marriage I still understand why some people think it’s okay. There are many reasons why I disagree and of course among them is the Biblical teaching on the sanctity of marriage. However, I must admit (to my chagrin) that the Bible just doesn’t carry the initial influence that it once had in society (gasp!) and frankly a “religious” argument just doesn’t have any impact on “reasoning” with people that it once had. That doesn’t make the Biblical teaching invalid or worthless – it just means that I can’t make the assumption that quoting scripture is going to convince people that living together is not a good idea or is even living in… (whispers conspiratorily) sin!

Another problem with talking about living together before marriage is that (for the most part) we preachers (and many others who disagree with it!) approach the whole subject from a negative direction rather than positive. In other words, we spend more time talking about why living together before marriage is bad instead of emphasizing why getting married first is good. Anyway, I said all that to introduce this article I came across in my reading that is a good approach on the subject. In it Dennis Prager briefly outlines five good non-religious arguments for why marriage is better than living together. Some very wise words are written in this article and I’ll definitely add this to my file of articles I’ll give couples that I counsel in the future!