Ding Dong…Anybody home? (1.6.3 release of Organize Series Plugin)

Thanks to a commenter I was notified to an incorrect hyper-link to the Organize Series WordPress Plugin help/docs page on the Series options panel in the WordPress Administration (there’s a mouthful).?? It’s now fixed with this release.

Finally a Backup (and sync) System that Works!

For some time I’ve been looking for a way to reliably backup all my personal and work related files on both my home and office computers that is as maintenance and hands-off as I can get it.? This “holy grail” of start-and-forget operability has been elusive…until now.

Why backups?

Quite simply – as any computer guru will tell you (or someone who’s learned the hard way!) – hard drive failure is not an if, but a when.? No matter how well a hard drive is manufactured it is still mechanical and subject to wear and tear.? Eventually it will fail.? Backing up your data is just plain smart if you don’t want to lose any of your hard work. It is something that is even more necessary in this age of digital media – who really wants to lose their years of photo memories, or that cache of mp3’s they’ve been gradually amassing?? If you don’t have a backup system – there’s really no time to waste and it should be the first thing on your to-do list in the immediate future.

“Fill the bags”

This entry is part 11 of 27 in the series Zimbabwe 2007 Project

We’ve just published a “needs list” of items that the Village of Hope could use and what we’d like to be able to take when our team goes in June (just under a month to go!).? Thanks to special arrangements with British Airways, we are able to take two extra bags per team member and each bag can be up to 50lbs.? That means we can take 400lbs worth of stuff on top of our own luggage.? It’s a great opportunity to be able to take things to Zimbabwe for much, much cheaper than it would cost to ship (at least $450/50lbs from Hanover) the same items separately.

We are hoping that we’ll be able to take most of the needs on the list – if any of my readers are able to contribute somehow it would be greatly appreciated!

“Getz” has been gotten

WordPress 2.2 (code-named ‘Getz’) has just been released and I decided to upgrade UnfoldingNeurons.com and see how it goes.? So far, so good.? Took me about 5 minutes and it looks like nothing is broken.? The only glitch I saw was that for some reason my “ElseWhere’s” section (blogroll) in the footer had a mysterious spacing and “0’s” appear.? I was using a get_links() template tag but didn’t think there was any changes with 2.2? Oh, well – a little modification and alls well.

One bonus…my Organize Series WordPress Plugin seems to work just fine with “Getz”!? Yay!

Walkathon, Retreat, and Countdown

This entry is part 10 of 27 in the series Zimbabwe 2007 Project

Time for another update about my Zimbabwe trip. Between the Fundraisers for Zimbabwe 2007, the 50 Days of Prayer and Fasting that I’ve been participating in (which includes writing and publishing the devotional that my church is using) and my normal day job – I’ve been kept extremely busy and have barely had time to maintain all the websites I manage/own let alone put posts up. Yet, it’s really no excuse, I guess the creative part of my brain is just exhausted by the time the night rolls around and I haven’t been able to muster up the energy to put words down. I haven’t even twittered!

Anyway, tonight I’m finally taking some time to write up another installment in my Zimbabwe 2007 series.

Walk-athon Fundraiser

This was held on Saturday April 28th and all participants walked 10km (The number of average steps in 10km = number of kilometers to go to Zimbabwe). We collected pledges for each km or for the total distance. At last count there was close to $1200 collected for the project!