New releases of Organize Series Plugin…

Yet another catchup post for my Organize Series plugin. The current version of the plugin is 2.0.6 and you can download it via this link. Here’s the changesets:

2.0.6 – Fixes a pretty major bug with the custom rewrite/permalink structure for series archives. This bug only shows up if you use certain prefixes to your custom permalinks such as /archives/ of permalink. Hat tip to Edward for the catch and fix.

2.0.5 – Contains the following bug fixes:

  • PHP error that was reported on the Manage Series page affecting certain installs.
  • .rss validation warning for series archive feeds thanks to this post
  • some typo fixes with readme.txt file
  • updating readme.txt to reflect that Organize Series works with WordPress 2.5.1

I stumbled across this site thanks to a Catalyst Post and it’s a useful look at varying perspectives on God. This site gives voice to the raw thoughts of many that the average Christian would never hear. At the very least it gives insight into the struggles some face with the whole “faith” thing and serves as a good reminder of the people God wants us believers to share His gift with… (and take a careful look at just how well we’re sharing!)

How do you get on the Map?

By being unique, credible, worthwhile, and nice…

Unique is not different – it is standing out.  Different is just a nice way of saying, “weird”.  Unique is captivating not just attention getting.  Sometimes “weird” catches people’s interest – but uniqueness keeps it.

Credible means trust.  It is when expectations are met or exceeded.  Your uniqueness better be credible or there will be no repeats.

Worthwhile means value.  If what you have adds value to someone then you are on their map.  If you aren’t worthwhile then you aren’t on the map.  Here’s the twist – the more valuable the other person feels the more “worthwhile” you are.

Nice is more than friendly – it’s caring.  When you really care then you get on the map.

Are you, is your organization, your product, your business “on the map”?

Showing off your series

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This series is no longer available on because I’ve moved all posts related to this plugin to the new home at You can read about the move here and here.

The New Marketing conducted this interesting interview with Seth Godin discussing how the church isn’t doing a very good job of reaching people with their message in today’s new “marketing era”.  I really like his observations on the usefulness of blogging – something that I think the church is way behind on…check out the interview at, Is Today’s Modern Church Busy Making Meatball Sundaes?

A New Adventure

Well it’s official (and I can announce now). I’m going to be starting a new ministry as the Assistant Pastor of Waterloo Pentecostal Church. I’m really looking forward to this new position and working with the leadership team there. It’s absolutely incredible (and I confess a bit of a whirlwind too!) the journey God has been bringing my family and I through this past two months. I’ve posted more information and thoughts about this change on my family blog. You can read more there.

Series Options Page: Wrap up

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This series is no longer available on because I’ve moved all posts related to this plugin to the new home at You can read about the move here and here.

Organize Series 2.0.4 released

For those not familiar with what the Organize Series WordPress plugin is or does – please visit this page.

This is a pretty significant changeset that fixes some things with the Series Table of Contents page:

  • Series Table of Contents page now returns the correct header (‘200’). It was returning ‘400’ before the fix. see this thread.
  • NEW FEATURE: You can now indicate what the browser title bar will say on Series Table of Contents page via the Series Option settings in your admin. The default will be “Series Table of Contents Page”
  • Fixed a conflict with “All In One SEO Pack” plugin affecting Series Table of Contents Page.
  • Thanks to gnouros for detecting and testing my fixes of the above errors for me!
  • Shortened the “official” plugin name to “Organize Series” to match the directory in the svn repository – hopefully this will fix the indicator not showing up in your plugin list for when there’s a new version of Organize Series out. See this post in the WP Support Forums.

Installation is simple – just download, extract and copy over existing files.  If you want to adjust the <title> on the Series Table of Contents page head on over to your Series Options settings and you’ll find it right below the “Series Table of Contents URL” option.

Current Version of Organize Series: 2.0.3

Just thought I’d post a quick update that the current stable version of Organize Series is 2.0.3. Here’s a summarized change set since orgSeries 2.0:

  • 2.0.1 – some fixes so that changing the SERIES_URL definition in orgSeries.php actually works (you can use this to pick how you want the series-archive permalinks to look – important for avoiding conflicts with existing category permalinks…)
  • 2.0.2 – fixed Organize Series causing problems with other plugins that create their own top-level menus in your WordPress Administration. Previous to this fix you’d get ‘404’ errors on subpages of those plugin menus.
  • 2.0.3 – I noticed that orgSeries 2.0.2 broke the “add series on the fly” feature on write/edit post pages (and also affected the layout of those pages). This release fixes that.

I thought I had nailed all the bugs before releasing Organize Series 2.0 – but of course, as it usually is, once code get’s in the wild all sorts of nasty creatures pop up 😉

If you haven’t yet – I encourage you to download Organize Series 2.0.3.

If you’ve never heard of my Organize Series WordPress plugin feel free to read about it on it’s own nifty page.

Series Options Page: Series Table of Contents Template

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This series is no longer available on because I’ve moved all posts related to this plugin to the new home at You can read about the move here and here.