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I wrote this back near the end of May for a column I write for called “Techpass” that is part of the “Connections” mag published by the Western Ontario District of the PAOC.  Anytime now (and I think it already is) the July issue (published quarterly) of “Connections” will be out and about with this article in it.  Even after only two months there are some things that I think are a bit “dated” in this but I republishing it here on my blog so readers of that article can comment, respond if they want!  Actually, anyone can comment/respond now if they want..well you know what I mean.  Oh, one more thing – I have posted about twitter here already, if you want, check it out.

Have you heard of twitter? No, I’m not talking about the word to describe the language birds use to communicate with each other. Twitter is an online app that was launched in 2006 described as a “free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user’s profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers)” ( Twitter has made it possible to make these short posts (and receive follower updates) using email, sms (texting), via the web, or even various other services (i.e. facebook etc.).

Donate Friday

If you’ve used Twitter for any length of time you’ve probably noticed the phenomenom called “Follow Friday” where people tweet about people they think are worth following and actively search out new people to follow themselves.   If anything, “Follow Friday” shows us how something can gain traction when it’s simple and consistent.  Probably not too many people heard about it when it first started but because the few that did kept doing it and used a common hashtag – it quickly gained a following (pardon the pun) in the twitter realm.

I’m writing this post because of my love for WordPress and especially all the developers out there who contribute code to both the opensource project and the thousands of plugins and themes that make it such a great tool for all of us.  There has been discussion over the years of ways in which we can express appreciation to the developers who freely offer up their code to the world to use (and all the hours put into developing, maintaining, and supporting that code) but as a plugin developer myself (only one at that),  although I’ve appreciated gratitude sent my way and reviews posted on people’s blogs nothing has stoked me more than seeing that little notification from PayPal that someone has donated a sum of money to me.  The dollar amount doesn’t really matter – it’s more the realization that someone thinks what I’ve invested so much time in worthwhile enough to pay for.

What I tweeted the past week.

  • Doing a little bit on #
  • Day is flying by pretty quickly today #
  • most of the morning was spent on communication (email etc.), taking a quick break and reading through my feeds before moving on. #
  • is a great tool for planning meetings #moreganize #
  • Storm front #
  • Working on my father-in-law's computer and cleaning it up for him. It is loaded with viruses and spyware {groan} (1/2)… #
  • Would he notice if I took a sledgehammer to it? (2/2) #
  • I haven't felt this violent towards a computer in a looong time (#fixingfatherinlawscomputer) #
  • Driving my in-laws to the toronto airport. They're heading to Scotland for three weeks. #
  • Have a real bad headache after the trip hom from TO Airport. The traffic was AWFuL. I'm going to lay down for a bit and see if it clears up. #
  • Feeling a bit better after my sleep. Working on getting my inbox to zero now. #
  • is down – webhost has no eta on when it will be back up. All my domains on that account are down too. Bummer. #

What I tweeted the past week.

  • A change of perspective can make an incredible difference on how you "see" things. #
  • Up early and ready to get back to work! #
  • Just finished hanging up some pics and whatnot in my office that I brought in to hang a year ago. #
  • finished cleaning my office and now onto my inbox. Lot to do on first day back from holidays. #
  • Having some weird dizzy spells today 🙁 #
  • wrapping up and heading home #
  • Just changed the sms updates 4 twttr on my phn 2 direct messages only. #
  • 2 my twttr friends, U cn reach me on my mobile by typing "dm" before my twitter name – i.e. "dm @nerrad" #
  • Doing my morning devotions. Heading to staff prayer in about 30mins #
  • 2/2 #
  • RT @tonymorganlive @timastevens: "decide the non-negotiables, then get out of the way and watch great people do great things!" 1/2 #
  • We can't do anything FOR God WITHOUT Him! (an excerpt from the message I'm speaking this Sunday PM) #
  • Do you really think you have anything God NEEDS? (snapshot from this coming Sunday's PM message) #

What I tweeted the past week.

  • Very lazy slow day today. #
  • Off to visit my grandparents #
  • Wow. Where did that day go? Had a great visit with my grandparents. #
  • The purpose of life is ALWAYS greater than what you think it is. #
  • Some good tips for hiring -> #
  • Keeping an eye on this Church Community app….they are doing a lot of stuff right (#ccb YOU need to check this out!) #
  • Checking out the new WordPress BlackBerry app! Ya – finally a way to update my blog on the go! –> #
  • Just finished vacuuming our house. I love vacuuming. No really, I do. It should be a sport. #
  • My breath is gonna be stinky – I'm eating a summer sausage sandwich. mmm… #
  • Just found out a service I used is gonna cost me $$ 2 keep using it. Bummed out – need 2 look 4 another way 2 track my books. ( #
  • Decided to drop and going with to keep track of my book library. #
  • I really don't like it when a service doesn't have a way of erasing your data from their servers… #itaggit #

Test post from new BlackBerry App

I got the announcement about the new blackberry app for WordPress being released to the wild and decided to download it (link is for ota downloads) and give it a try. And so, here is this post.

So far it’s looking like it’s on track to be another useful addition to my curve. Remember though that it’s still only in beta so mileage may vary.

NOTE: I just posted this as a draft using my BlackBerry and then touched it up via my laptop to add the links – there’s still no easy way to add links in the app.

What I tweeted the past week.

  • I really want to try this tie knot sometime – when I've got to wear a tie I might as well make it fun! -> #
  • Van just passed the drive clean test. YAY! #
  • I said I don't want to get old. My wife is such an encourager – "you're old already!"… #
  • I love my wife 🙂 #
  • Handy "WordPress Configuration Tricks" #
  • Up and at 'em. I haven't slept in this late in a long time! #
  • Having a family movie night tonight. Been a while. #
  • RT @MarkBatterson: ethr the sze of yr vsn wll determine the size of yr budget or the size of yr budget will determine the size of yr vision. #
  • Ok I've got to make this the last day for sleeping in otherwise it'll be hard for me adjusting going back to work! #
  • Interesting discussion on the purpose of the weekend gathering… -> #
  • Happy Canada Day! So thankful for the great country I live in! #
  • Shirt Karissa is going to wear today #

Things I like about my country (Happy Canada Day)

Credit to <a href=
Credit to Chris Lancaster

Well today is Canada Day and even though I think I’m a pseudo-American (my birthday is on July 4th) I was born here and am really grateful for my roots in this country.  Here’s some reasons why I’m glad I’m a Canadian.

  • Freedom. Even though there are some trends that are a bit unsettling I still have the freedom to write what I want on this blog and publicly profess my faith.
  • Security. Relatively speaking – I feel pretty safe here.
  • Free Health Care. It has its faults of course and still needs some work (it’s also kind of not free because our taxes pay for it) but I can go to the hospital or my doctor and not worry about how much it’s going to cost me.  That’s nice.
  • Hockey.  Our hockey teams/players rule.  ‘nough said.
  • Travel Perks.  It’s kind of cool that wherever I go in the world people are really receptive to the fact I’m a Canadian.  Just being a resident of Canada gives you a sort of “special recognition” (probaby due to the friendly role Canada plays on the foreign relations scene).