What I tweeted the past week.

  • I'm doing a user study at RIM today shh… #
  • New app coming from RIM that is looking pretty good. No guessing… #
  • http://twitpic.com/iku3p – This is not the app I'm talking about #
  • So I tested a new #blackberry app today at #RIM. NDA keeps me from saying what it is. Let's just say I want it now. #
  • oh. my. goodness. I haven't stopped responding too or composing emails for the last 30-40minutes non-stop (just got a break for this tweet) #
  • re: last tweet: Not complaining, just feeling my fingers cramp up… #
  • At concert of prayer – my favorite time of the week (next to Sunday)! #
  • Working on getting a mobile version of my church website done. #
  • Well the first release of the mobile version of waterlooassembly.org is up. Try it out – use the same address on your mobile. Critique 🙂 #
  • Dear #Rogers cable. Please don't offer email support if you are not going to read the email. Evidence? Your reply. #
  • RT @timastevens: Beeson: "Pastors-If you don't text, tweet or blog…maybe you should quit your job, cause that's the world we live in." #
  • Just got another email reply from #rogers cable proving they don't read what I send them. #fail #

What I tweeted the past week.

  • @onegoodnaysayer check out http://bit.ly/jAKg7 for a possible workaround until I release a fix in reply to onegoodnaysayer #
  • desk cleanup time again! Whenever I have a period of xtreme business my desk piles up. If I don't clean it, I'll go crazy. #
  • @DannoDavis Let's just say there is no other sight in the world that compares to it. really. cows are nothing. in reply to DannoDavis #
  • today I begin a 6-8 week coaching training. Looking forward to seeing how it goes! #
  • Just finished praying over our kids to start the day. We try to do that every school day. What #morningritual do you have with your kids? #
  • The centurion's slave was healed not because he had built a house for the Jews but because of incredible faith -> http://bit.ly/cFh1H #
  • @DannoDavis shiny in reply to DannoDavis #
  • @janettie that would be neat! We should guess when his first tweet will be. I'll guess in January 2010 in reply to janettie #
  • connecting with a Pastor friend in Zimbabwe – oh how I love technology! #
  • Watching some UFC – been a while. #
  • @mayertanuan about @GeoffMHeeg – I knocked him out while we were practicing some UFC moves… in reply to mayertanuan #
  • RT @tonymorganlive: been working like a mad dog today. sorry for the twitter silence. i'm still here. just focused. //same here #
  • @jfarhood well, all of twitter would know 😉 in reply to jfarhood #
  • Played Ice Hockey today. I don't think I'll recover until tomorrow. #
  • Doing a 3d puzzle with my boys #
  • Date night with Ker – thanks to my Mom for watching the kids! #
  • Church was awesome today and if you missed Pastor Marshall's message you've GOT to get it! Should be on the church website by Tues. #

What I tweeted the past week.

  • Was an awesome day today. The church picnic was lots of fun and the weather was fantastic! #
  • didn't get my #organizeseries for #wordpress out tonight…gonna try for tomorrow #
  • @DannoDavis lol yeah I'm holding it in Las Vegas…. j/k 🙂 in reply to DannoDavis #
  • My four kids first day back at school – and rushed, scurrying mornings return to the Ethier household 🙂 #
  • can't wait for our Men's Ministry catalyst meeting at lunch today #
  • Can't wait for #thenines conference happening tomorrow. Lot's of leadership juice to drink! -> http://bit.ly/9eI6e #
  • @GeoffMHeeg oh dude, me too. I feel burgered out lol in reply to GeoffMHeeg #
  • A great easy tool for setting up meetings with multiple people -> http://bit.ly/ro7Py (moreganize.com) #
  • my #wordpress plugin, #organizeseries just broke its record for most downloads in a day! nice. -> http://bit.ly/IJeF0 #
  • Just finished writing my next TechPass article. #
  • watching #thenines – drinking up some leadership juice #
  • wow some great stuff on #thenines! #
  • Reggie McNeal – Church doesn't have a mission. The mission has a church. The mission is God's mission. #thenines #
  • Reggie McNeal – "God always builds his kingdom beyond us" #thenines #
  • @GeoffMHeeg yup dry moments indeed – time for multi-tasking! in reply to GeoffMHeeg #
  • RT @GeoffMHeeg: Stoked to have @tpirkl as a ministry partner!! //same here! nice to have her back! #
  • Man the day is just flying by and I feel like for everything I get done, I discover two things I still need to do…arghh! #
  • Just got a phone call to recruit me to a possible 1.5hr research project where I could get paid. Will see what happens #
  • @HeatherACard the first thing they need is a willingness to grow. in reply to HeatherACard #
  • First Friday morning I've had at home in a long time. #
  • getting excited about #CAT09 – @human3rror wrote a great primer for it here -> http://bit.ly/xXTjA #
  • @human3rror Got your dm but I can't reply – you're not following me 😉 #
  • @jakesta very true my friend! in reply to jakesta #
  • using this morning to catch up on stuff I couldn't get done this week #
  • RT @GeoffMHeeg: Is the goal of your life to reach death safely? Think again, He's got more for you than that… //oh yeah! #
  • @GeoffMHeeg AWESOME!! in reply to GeoffMHeeg #
  • Fam and I getting ready to go to Marineland. #
  • Wow, at marineland watching the killer whales in the viewing area and they started mating! #1inamillion #
  • @jakesta it was kind of freaky. I don't know what was weirder, the mating or the crowd that rushed to watch… in reply to jakesta #
  • @jakesta you're not the only one who thought that…we're trying to track down why some people were thinking that. in reply to jakesta #

Organize Series 2.1.1 released – Major Bug Fix

A pretty major bug slipped through with the release of Organize Series 2.1.  What happens with the bug is when someone posts a comment to a post that is part of a series, that post will lose it’s series information.  Not good.  Organize Series 2.1.1 should fix that.  You’ll want to upgrade as soon as possible.

Organize Series 2.1 Released

At long last, another update to my flagship WordPress Plugin (well, really the only WordPress plugin I’ve developed…)!  This is a significant release which is why I skipped doing a version 2.0.9 and went right to 2.1.  A couple of quick notes about this release.

  1. Organize Series 2.1 will only work with WordPress 2.8 and higher.   The code was starting to get bloated with trying to support all the previous releases and I really don’t have the time to keep supporting earlier versions of WordPress.   If you really need to use Organize Series with an earlier version of WordPress then I suggest you keep using Organize Series 2.0.8.
  2. Because of some of the feature add-ons you really should read the note about upgrading (read this – scroll down a bit for the upgrade notes)  so you don’t have any unexpected stuff happen.
  3. Going forward I’m still going to be offering limited support via my support forums.  What does limited mean? It means I will answer basic questions that don’t take me a lot of time to answer and I will also respond to bug reports (and work on fixing them).  However, I am unable to devote any more time to significant usage related questions or new feature requests.  Feel free to post such requests in the forums and there may be other users willing to help you.   Another option is to contact me and hire me to do custom work for you related to Organize Series.

You can read all the release notes at the plugin listing found on WordPress.org/extend – or you can visit the Organize Series Plugin Page here on my blog.

What I tweeted the past week.

  • I haven't been tweeting much lately. Been SOOO busy! #
  • Watching a Discovery special on 2012 being a significant year according to Nostradamus, Maya culture and others…what do you think – bunk? #
  • My wife is home from her meeting. YAY!! I missed her. #
  • @jfarhood aww man – we'll pray things will get better! in reply to jfarhood #
  • @DannoDavis, @janettie, @GeoffMHeeg keep an eye on YouVersionLive – could be a neat tool for ministry? -> http://bit.ly/ZmfTj #
  • @DMosley wait till you have to discipline yours in public – MUCH more uncomfortable. in reply to DMosley #
  • @DMosley hah, that's what I said about my angels… in reply to DMosley #
  • Heading home after a looonngg day. #
  • Gmail is back for me #
  • The right way to deal with failure: Transparency, Taking Responsibility, Learn the Lesson, Plan for No Repeats -> http://bit.ly/145zsa #
  • If you try to befriend everyone you will be a friend to no one. #
  • @GeoffMHeeg oh that was just NOT nice… in reply to GeoffMHeeg #
  • Standing in line for the buff bills game #
  • In the football stadium for the first time #
  • just donated to Arne Brachhold for the Google XML Sitemaps plugin #donatefriday -> http://bit.ly/NE7Bj //Good for SEO #
  • RT @wptavern I forgot last week but not this week. Participate in #donatefriday http://tinyurl.com/lvyy78 show some love #
  • SocialToo Launches New Tools to Fight Twitter DM Spam http://bit.ly/yts25 // i don't have this problem yet but if it happens I'll try this #
  • RT @edstetzer LifeWay CIO just announced we are switching over to Google Apps from Lotus Notes. People are dancing in the halls. 😉 #
  • trying to get some more powerpoint announcement slides done for Sunday… creative juices are WAY to low 🙁 #
  • Service tomorrow is going to be great! A cool, creative end to the summer series is in the works… #
  • If all goes well the next version of my #organizeseries #WordPress plugin will be released sometime tomorrow. #