Top 10 Popular Posts from 2009

A little late to the party but here’s my contribution to all those top 10 lists that are appearing all over the blogosphere (is that word even used anymore?)…

For most of 2009 I didn’t post as frequently as I wanted to here at but I did manage to get a few posts off.  I thought I’d take some time at the end of this year to give an overview of the most viewed posts.  Since anything to do with my Organize Series plugin kind of blows all the other posts out of the water I’m going to skip including it in this list.  I’m also only including in this list posts that I actually wrote in 2009.  Starting with the most viewed post…

Are there any posts you’ve read on that you think should be on this list?

What I tweeted the past week.

  • On my Blog ~~> What I tweeted the past week. #
  • If you don't get rid of pride it will get rid of you. #
  • Just realized that the Integrity Christmas Sampler card for 10 free Christmas Songs is only valid in the US Itunes Store 🙁 #
  • gonna run a quick little contest for it 🙂 stay tuned #
  • #youversion christmas tip for windows users? Hold down ctrl+alt+l (lowercase L) for special reading view. #
  • It's always hard focusing at work on the week of Christmas… #
  • Working on the message I'm speaking this Sunday. Working title is, "A Gift worth Receiving"… #
  • You won't really know what it is like to live until you know that you are ready for death. #
  • On my Blog ~~> Want 10 Free Christmas Songs from iTunes? #
  • RePost: Want 10 Free Christmas Songs from iTunes? #
  • My church is memorizing scripture together in the coming year. Here's what my 8yr old daughter wrote… "I signed up too, bring it on" #
  • @human3rror congrats on making lifehacker with your post! ~~> in reply to human3rror #
  • RT @jfarhood: Interesting article on tithing written by an agnostic: #
  • This Abbot and Costello spoof on computers is HILARIOUS! ~~> #
  • Here's a great collection of cool looking church/ministry websites ~~> #
  • @kentshaffer I want to read what u write! I'm working on a leadership development system for the new year for our volunteers… in reply to kentshaffer #
  • have I said yet how much I'm looking forward to preaching on Sunday? Well I am! Been over a month since I preached last! #
  • Our family just received an anonymous Christmas gift. Totally blown away by their generosity! #
  • @photomatt Inside BlackBerry – the official BlackBerry Blog built on WordPress –> #
  • On my Blog ~~> What I like most about Christmas #
  • RePost: What I like most about Christmas… #
  • RT @DannoDavis: Wpa just got approved as an official podcast on itunes. Should be online in the next few hours. #
  • #youversion releases a new BlackBerry app version that includes reading plans ~~> // SWEET – been waiting for this! #
  • @ScottMagdalein you might like this being that you are a project manager ~~> #
  • I may have a scheduled post or two come out but for the next week I'm gonna b pretty quiet online. #
  • At christmas eve service here at WPA – a family affair! #
  • On my Blog ~~> Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and all the fine stuff… #
  • RePost: Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and all the fine stuff… #
  • Somehow I always seem to be fixing my father in laws computer every Christmas 😉 #
  • Today I am reading day 1 of M'Cheyne One Year Reading Plan: #
  • doing some hacking tonight… the external hard drive I got for Christmas works awesome for this!! #

Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and all the fine stuff…

[image from krisdecurtis]

In what is a most time-honored tradition around these sorts, I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  This past year has been a very interesting year in my life and I’m looking forward to an even more interesting year.  I wish, like others I could have a nice cute picture of my family up here but in my household we define “Christmas busy” and usually don’t get around to getting our pictures done until late Christmas day.  Maybe I’ll get something up then (probably not).

Enjoy your holidays, don’t freeze, eat carefully, laugh with family, and check out what Christmas is really all about.  Thanks for sticking around!

What I like most about Christmas…

Well, the little contest I ran on my blog has drawn to a close and I had the really tough job of picking a winner from two entries. Either that means that some super evil henchman bent on burying my existence kept the post hidden from all of the people on the internets (except for two people) OR the 40+ readers of my blog are actually robots who don’t get music (maybe I need to offer a case of WD-40 as a prize for the next contest).  Um, yeah.  Ha!  Nevertheless as promised, I picked a winner for the iTunes Christmas Music songs AND have written a post with their answer.

The winner was Thomas, who wrote:

What I like about Christmas is the joy it brings to everyone and how the holiday spirit seems to cheer up even grumpy people. Mostly Christmas is all about the kids though. You can’t beat the way their little faces light up while they are opening presents.

Congratulations Thomas (I don’t have a link to a website from him but if I get one I’ll add it in here)!  You have the fine distinction of being the first person to win the very FIRST contest on my blog!  WOW!  Someday that may be really significant…

What do you think of Thomas’s answer?  Do you agree?

I have to agree with seeing kids faces light up.  I get joy out of watching my kids open gifts as well.  My joy is mixed with a little bit of hope though.  Hope, that for my kids, Christmas isn’t just about the presents.  Hope that they truly get the significance of the miracle of Incarnation, of the gifts that really matter from our Heavenly Father.  I hope that they don’t grow up only thinking about what they’ll get but more importantly what they’ll give.  Thing is, as I hope for this,  I realize that a huge part of that hope being fulfilled in their lives is if it’s being fulfilled in mine AND if I give them opportunities to join with me in it.

So, what do I like most about Christmas?  Of course, Christmas is a reminder of the birth of Christ and yes, I like that celebration (but really,  is it something that should ONLY be celebrated on a single day?)  but assuming that’s a given, what I really like most about Christmas is the in-between times.  The times when I’m just. doing. nothing.

So you missed the contest?  I’m still interested in hearing what you like most about Christmas…

Want 10 Free Christmas Songs from iTunes?

Okay, I subscribe to this service from the folks at Catalyst called “Filter” and that subscription includes periodic mailings from them of goodies – books, magazines, music and whatnot.  Well, I just received my first package from them.  Included in this package is a nice Itunes music card (from Integrity Christmas Sampler) granting 10 free song downloads from the Itunes Store.  Only problem is,  it’s only good for the US store.  Bummer 🙁

On the bright side it provides a nice gift I can pass on to any of my U.S. based readers who might be interested.  So, here’s how it’s gonna work.  Leave a comment here answering the question “What do you like most about Christmas?”  At 12 noon tomorrow (Tuesday December 22nd I will pick one person’s answer that I like the most as the winner.  Not only will the winner receive the gift card but I’ll also turn their comment into a post (with linky’s to their website*).  And….. go!

*Disclaimer:  I will only post a linky to a family-safe (or safe for work) website.

UPDATE: The winner has been chosen!  Jump here for details.

What I tweeted the past week.

  • On my Blog ~~> What I tweeted the past week. #
  • dudes and dudettes, this AWESOME free short e-book from Seth Godin is on the internets. An inspiring read! ~~> #
  • RT @perrynoble: "This Sh_t is awesome!" //Worth retweeting – read and you'll know why I did. #
  • At WPA leadership team dinner. These peeps are awesome! #
  • My Gorgeous wife 🙂 #
  • #regurgitated: What I tweeted the past week. #
  • RePost: What I tweeted the past week. #
  • If you are a user of #ccbchurch please JOIN this discussion. Let your voice be heard! -> #
  • RT @loswhit: I think I broke the internet //good now I know who to blame. #
  • At my daughter's school performance. Sorry but its a bit anti-climatic after the WPA's christmas production… #
  • To add to the chorus of flu tweets I've read this year – I think I'm going to hurl #
  • SWEET: Merge All of Your Duplicate Gmail Contacts With One Click // about time Google! Much needed 🙂 #
  • @human3rror Flickr…hwevr Picasa is strtng 2 lk mighty fine. Biggest prob with flickr is lack of really good integration with a desktop app in reply to human3rror #
  • @human3rror if you do here's a tool to try ~~> in reply to human3rror #
  • @human3rror Have no idea. has been around since 2007. Reports are that it's slow though. If you try it wrt a pst 🙂 in reply to human3rror #
  • @human3rror – you are aware of the Picasa2Flickr plugin for Picasa desktop right? ~~> #
  • RT @human3rror: @nerrad I need flickr 2 picasa software // right. I ws jst wndring if u hd tried that whn using flickr? #
  • @human3rror incidentally, what ws the "trigger" for u making the switch? #
  • @human3rror hmmm I've been thinking the same things. For me the trigger might be Google's new pricing structure for data space. in reply to human3rror #
  • RT @tonysteward: // This site is a really fantastic personal spiritl growth..// wld b cool if intgratd with youversion! #
  • RT @human3rror: The day has started and I'm still working out of yesterday. // me too #
  • love it when people dm me and I can't dm back because they aren't following me (wink @human3rror) #
  • (They think their prosperity is of their own doing,  but I will have nothing to do with that kind of thinking.) #
  • So now we can tell who are children of God and who are children of the devil. Anyone who does not live righteo… #
  • If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion—how can … #
  • God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal li… #
  • All who confess that Jesus is the Son of God have God living in them, and they live in God. #
  • 1John has much to say in this conversation about Christians bashing other Christians (especially online)… #
  • Okay for the past hour there has literally been an email coming in every 2 minutes. This is crazy. Is my inbox magnetized? #
  • WPA's Christmas Impact is GETTING FULL (78 peeps registered)! So excited about blessing these students!! ~~> #
  • I happen to believe that parents need to "get" social media for their kids sake (that's VERY condensed) – what do you think? #
  • Heading out with my wife and kids to scare some seniors with our rendition of Christmas carols. Should b fun! #
  • This is the role I'd love to be filling at WPA (maybe I am…a bit?) ~~> #
  • Doing some last minute shopping for christmas with Ker. Nuts. #
  • Kinda not enjoying this shopping. #
  • #regurgitated: Organize Series 2.1.7 Released #
  • Okay my brain is fried after a last push to get the latest update to my WordPress plugin out the door. Gonna go see Avatar for a break. #
  • On my Blog ~~> Organize Series 2.1.7 Released #
  • RePost: Organize Series 2.1.7 Released #
  • #avatar ws AWESOME! It livd up 2 the hype. I cracked up whn I saw tht the American Humane Society certed no anmls wre hrmed in the credits! #
  • Christmas impact is ON! Love blessing the international and oop students 🙂 #

Organize Series 2.1.7 Released

I knew I wanted to get the next version of Organize Series out the door and with the surprise (well maybe not quite a surprise) release of WordPress 2.9 I decided to get my butt in gear and finish off the threads needed.  As far as I know Organize Series works fine with WordPress 2.9 (I’m running it fine on my websites) but if you notice any problems report them to the support forums as usual.

This release is mostly bug fixes.  Please make sure you read through the changelog if you want all the details.  Some of you will be happy with some persistent bugs you’ve been dealing with (I hope!).

What’s next?  Well, I have had a number of different feature requests that have come my way.  Some I may be doing as custom work in the new year (that means getting paid to implement) and others I have quoted on but I think it’s outside of the budget of those wanting them.  I’m strongly considering doing some work on some plugins to Organize Series that will implement some of the most requested features and offer it up for sale on a service like the wpplugins app store for a nominal amount (between $10-20).   Anything I do this way will still be release GPL etc. but it will be a way for me to still contribute new features to Organize Series and help pay my bills as well.   The core Organize Series plugin of course will still always be offered free of charge and I will continue to do maintenance and bug fixes on it going forward.  All I would be doing is offering new features as a paid option.

Why am I posting this?  I want some feedback, what do you think?  Would you pay $10-20 for a plugin that would extend the features of Organize Series?  Let me know in the comments!

What I tweeted the past week.

  • RT @watpen: pray for the flks cming 2 the Chrstms Grief Memorial tonight at WPA. It's hard going through the holidays without a loved one. #
  • Lot's of people have ideas – very few people want to do the work to see their ideas come alive. #
  • RePost: A Powerful Leader’s Four… #
  • On my Blog ~~> A Powerful Leader’s Four… #
  • There will be no mercy for those who have not shown mercy to others. But if you have been merciful, God will be … #
  • So you see, faith by itself isn't enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless. #
  • Google Chrome is one step closer to being the only browser I use now that the latest version supports extensions!! #
  • At missions comittee meeting – some great ideas for an outreach being discussed! #
  • yay snow has arrived! (that statement was written in a sarcastic tone) #
  • note 2 slf: do NOT eat 3 Lindor Chocolates 1 after the othr rlly fst. The sgar rsh is fine but the energy drain 2 minutes later is brutal! #
  • Google Docs Finally Makes It Easy to Download All Your Documents //Will make it MUCH easier to backup! #
  • The American Diet: 34 Gigabytes a Day – Bits Blog – //wow! No wonder I feel indigestion at day's end. #
  • You'll really want to watch out for this tree –> #
  • My wife made chili for supper tonite. How did she know what I was craving? Mmmmmm good! #
  • Dress rehearsal for the WPA Christmas productionm Rumors are that Marty Culp will be making a cameo appearance! #
  • RePost: The Nightmare of a Techie… #
  • On my Blog ~~> The Nightmare of a Techie… #
  • "But true wisdom and power are found in God;  counsel and understanding are his. #
  • The Lord is good,  a strong refuge when trouble comes.  He is close to those who trust in him. #
  • But most of all, my brothers and sisters, never take an oath, by heaven or earth or anything else. Just say a si… #
  • RePost: Can you contain all this? #
  • On my Blog ~~> Can you contain all this? #
  • having a great discussion with my wife on spiritual gifts #
  • Off to funeral home for a visitation. #
  • RT @watpen: Don't miss tonight's first showing of "Jesus Is" – our Christmas music extravaganza! #
  • Looking forward to seeing and hearing all four of my children in the Christmas musical tonite! #
  • Yes there is hip hop in our christmas production. Jammin! #
  • Watching my 6yr old son Liam sing along with Fee Band's "Hope Rising" album. A rocker in the making? #
  • @jessicaline is sharing about her missions trip to thailand in service right now! GOOO Jessica #
  • Last showing of "Jesus Is" is about to begin here at WPA. Don't miss it! #

Can you contain all this?

Take a look at this amazing fact sheet about the data/information flowing through the internet in one day:

A Day in the Internet

[Online Education via Gizmodo]

Pretty huge eh?  Our minds just can’t grasp that amount of data that is flowing through the internets every day!  But God can.  In fact not only can God process all that information – he can understand all that information.  Sometimes I think my brain is going to blow up when I take a look at the feeds in my Google reader.

Here’s the amazing thing.  God not only knows all that information but he also knows each one of us individually.  We’re not data.  We’re not another byte.  We’re His. He knows your voice, He knows my voice.  That is amazing!

O Lord , you have examined my heart
and know everything about me…    (Psalm 139:1)

The Nightmare of a Techie…

I had a scary thought this morning.  For all of us techie, early adopter, and internet civvies –  what would we do if somehow we were lifted out of our life in modern society and transplanted 100 years ago (circa 1908)?  Doesn’t that make you shudder?

Here’s what I’d be doing…


[photo from]