How I Keep Track of Printed Articles [EverNote Usage]

For nearly 10 years now I’ve been gone through many different systems of organizing and keeping track of the printed material I read (that is magazine articles, photocopies, pamphlets etc.).  I used to just keep the magazines I read in boxes, but then my stash got too big and it would take me forever to find something I remembered reading.  However, this is the system I used for nearly 5 years.

Next, I started keeping only articles I thought were worth keeping and keeping a database/spreadsheet of the articles on my old Palm IIIe.  It was a system that worked quite good for about two years.  I would file the articles in a binder alphabetically and by number (using stick on tabs) and then in the database I’d include keywords and short blurbs from the articles with the article information.  To find articles around a subject I just had to do a search and then I could locate the article in my “article binder”.

A Gate for the Net

One of the things I do is write a quarterly column for the Communication Magazine of my church district (Western Ontario District of PAOC)The magazine is called Connections and it is sent out to over 500 credential holders and leaders and the title of my column is ‘Tech Pass”.  I usually write about various software/web apps and technology tools I come across that I think are useful for churches and ministry. For a copy of the latest magazine you can get it from the website.

The internet is an awesome tool and incredible resource.  In the last 10 years or so it has grown from humble beginnings as a hobby-for-some into a multi-media delivery & application platform that many of us wonder how we’d ever get along without!  However, along with the good things the internet brings us is also the bad – things like viruses, spam (not the ham wannabe, but those annoying Viagra like ads you get in your email), and evil websites (sites that promote crime, pornography and the like).

Strangely soothing…

Yeah, I’m writing late at night.? I’m working late at the office and I’m wrapping up to get ready to go home.? One of my final tasks is running some paper through the shredder.? You know I never noticed it before, but there is something strangely soothing about seeing that paper get shred!? Now, you’ve got to understand – the paper shredder I have is not your ultra-deluxe-chew-up-stapler kind of shredder.? No, this one will do a maximum of 5 sheets at a time and is pretty picky if you don’t enter the sheets at the right angle.? I’ve had to de-jam it a number of times (which isn’t really soothing at all!).? But tonight, as I watched that paper go through the shredder, for some reason I had this incredible feeling of satisfaction – as if I’d accomplished some monumental task…

KaBoom One-Liners (Episode #3)

What are Kaboom One Liners? Go [here] to find out!

Alright, the word for this episode is gravid. (grav-id)

KaBoom was walking his dog Chachachink (a beagle/daschund cross) down Red Boulevard when he bumped into John Busybody.”Hey KaBoom, did you hear the news about Mr. and Mrs. FightAlot’s separation?” KaBoom did a quick look around and then gazed in a conspiritorial way as he leaned in towards Mr. Busybody, “No, I didn’t but I’m sure you’re just gravid with all the juicy details. Now make sure you don’t speak too loudly because my dog here is a bit of a gossip…”


KaBoom One-Liners (Episode #2)

What are Kaboom One Liners? Go [here] to find out!

Alright the word for this episode is arbiter. (are-bit-err)

KaBoom was peering into the windows of the electronics shop (and leaving marks on the window I might add). He was fascinated by the big-screen T.V.s being showcased just inside the window. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a salesperson moving quickly to the entrace door with a disapproving look on his face. The door flung open and Mr. FancyPancySalespersonWannaMakeBigSales whined, “Alright KaBoom, you’ve been at that window long enough, either come in to the store and make a purchase or move along!”KaBoom held out his hand and said (while still looking at the TV’s), “Hold your horses, and put away your whine, these TV’s need an arbiter and you’ll just have to wait your turn.”


KaBoom One-Liners (Episode #1)

What are Kaboom One Liners? Go [here] to find out!

Alright the word for this episode is paucity. (paw-sit-tee)

Kaboom was going about his business, you know the usual – twiddling thumbs, smacking his lips, blowing spit bubbles. Today he was sitting on a bench in the park. Along came Bigmouth who said with a smirk, “Kaboom, you really need to get a life!”Kaboom slowly turned to look Bigmouth in the eye, “Oh my, I never realized such a paucity of brain cells could result in such an elucid observation!”