Reconnexion conference Live Blogging

8:58:33 AM: Koinonia has a beautiful church building.

9:14:11 AM: Difference between fame and influence – influence is about relationships – David McFarlane

9:21:47 AM: Is what is on the wall happening down the hall – mission statements – David M

9:23:12 AM: We need to be asking ourselves – who are we and why are we here – david m

9:27:02 AM: The church must shft its focus from istitution orientation to community orientation if it is to survive – jack dennison

9:28:21 AM: For those following my twitter – I’m tweeting from the Reconnexions Conference.

9:30:31 AM: David’s observations – vibrant churches have influence in their communities.

9:36:34 AM: Roundtable discussion about what changes we’ve seen in the church in the last five years (I need to do a blog post on this)

9:37:55 AM: Wow – 70% of cdns think that new forms of spirituality are replacing traditional religions! (Vision TV telephone poll 2003

9:44:19 AM: David M – churches are training their own people rather than relying on seminaries. (Trends)

9:45:46 AM: The church exists by mission as fire exists by burning. Without mission there really is no church. – Emil Brunner