Sacre Bleu! It worked!

Well my very first wordpress upgrade was a success 🙂 [upgrade 2.0.2 – 2.0.4]. I did have a couple of hiccups along the way though. I carefully followed instructions for upgrading at the WordPress Codex – specifically the part about disabling all the plugins. Only thing is I disabled the Sidebar Widgets plug-in before disabling […]

If you see wierd stuff happening here…

I’m upgrading YAR!? to the latest release of WordPress (2.0.4).? Along the way I’m deactivating some plugins etc. that may interefere with the upgrade process to help troubleshoot if things get “messed up”.? So…if things aren’t normal bear with me – if the upgrade bombs out I’ll restore things to the way they were.? Of […]

The Anemic “Professional Christian”

I came across this interesting article while conducting a web search for this weekends message. Dan Reiland talks about his staff praying that God doesn’t send Christians to their church and he has some excellent insights into what he calls “Professional Christians”. I really resonated with their philosophy of ministry and I agree with a […]

Free Sod?

This is an Ideas Brain Dump Post. On my way to the office today I noticed a construction crew working on the side of the road digging in preparation to put a sidewalk in. Then it hit me – these guys were tearing up really niceley manicured grass (it was in front of some businesses) […]

“When it’s more convenient…”

Text: Acts 24:25 (NLT) …Felix was terrified. “Go away for now,” he replied. “When it is more convenient. I’ll call for you again.” Paul was on trial before Felix, the governor of Caesarea, because of a supposed riot he had been accused of starting by some Jews from Jerusalem who wanted to see Paul dead. […]

Does this cement look right?

This is an Ideas Brain Dump post. Alright, over my holidays I’ve been tackling the job of making new window sills for the windows in our house. The wooden ones had been rotting away (it’s an old house, don’t you love them?) and it was suggested to me by a friend of mine that replacing […]

33 Years just goes too quickly

Well, today is my birthday (and yes the birthday of the US Independence Day – but since I’m Canadian I won’t emphasize that…however, thanks for the fireworks :)) and yet another year has passed by in my life. The age-old saying is true, the older you get…the faster time flies. So what is it anyway? […]