33 Years just goes too quickly

Birthday CakeWell, today is my birthday (and yes the birthday of the US Independence Day – but since I’m Canadian I won’t emphasize that…however, thanks for the fireworks :)) and yet another year has passed by in my life. The age-old saying is true, the older you get…the faster time flies. So what is it anyway? Is it some hidden, yet-undiscovered abstract of Einstein’s theory of relativity or is it just the brain cells responsible for tracking time starting to age? I dont’ know but the for every year I advance I start to miss the years that have gone.

Still, the wisdom (sic!) and experience gained over the years is a bonus. As is, my wife, kids, house, car, life. There are times where I realize just how blessed my life has been and how much of a blessing I should pass on. This year I’m hoping to go on a missions trip to Africa and help out overseas. Lately my wife and I have been re-evaluating some of our expenditures and considering cutting some things so we have more to give to the less fortunate. Is this a plug to promote my ego? No :lol:, it’s just that we’re really gaining an understanding that as life marches on there’s a responsiblity we have for the blessings we have been granted.

Maybe, it is just wisdom with years after all…

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