33 Years just goes too quickly

Birthday CakeWell, today is my birthday (and yes the birthday of the US Independence Day – but since I’m Canadian I won’t emphasize that…however, thanks for the fireworks :)) and yet another year has passed by in my life. The age-old saying is true, the older you get…the faster time flies. So what is it anyway? Is it some hidden, yet-undiscovered abstract of Einstein’s theory of relativity or is it just the brain cells responsible for tracking time starting to age? I dont’ know but the for every year I advance I start to miss the years that have gone.

Still, the wisdom (sic!) and experience gained over the years is a bonus. As is, my wife, kids, house, car, life. There are times where I realize just how blessed my life has been and how much of a blessing I should pass on. This year I’m hoping to go on a missions trip to Africa and help out overseas. Lately my wife and I have been re-evaluating some of our expenditures and considering cutting some things so we have more to give to the less fortunate. Is this a plug to promote my ego? No :lol:, it’s just that we’re really gaining an understanding that as life marches on there’s a responsiblity we have for the blessings we have been granted.

Maybe, it is just wisdom with years after all…

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My name is Darren Ethier. I'm the owner of roughsmootheng.in. I'm the father of four children and husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. My passion is technology and it's strategic use in ministry. I also love anything to do with leadership and the wise use of words. I'm also the developer of the popular WordPress plugin Organize Series. Since THAT'S not enough to keep me busy I also work as a core developer for a great plugin called Event Espresso

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