Does this cement look right?

IdeasThis is an Ideas Brain Dump post.

Alright, over my holidays I’ve been tackling the job of making new window sills for the windows in our house. The wooden ones had been rotting away (it’s an old house, don’t you love them?) and it was suggested to me by a friend of mine that replacing them with cement ones would be a better solution. So, with some help getting a form made I decided to tackle the job.

Now, when the first day came for mixing cement I thought I’d go online for a little help with learning how to mix it. Especially since the instructions that came on the bag of cement I bought were rather vague (arent’ they usually?). Well, to my surprise I couldn’t find any information on the internet about mixing cement to the right consistency. I assumed it would be something easy to find. There were plenty of pages dealing with warnings about making sure its mixed right and doing it from scratch but any instructions I did find were just as vague as the back of the bag.

So what did I do? Trial and error :lol:. I explained my experience with the first sill to my friend (which didn’t turn out to well) and he said I hadn’t added enough water. So, my second sill, I added more water and it seemed to turn out a lot better.

I’ve said all this to get to the idea…

I thought, wouldn’t it be great to create a page with step by step instructions (including pics) for mixing small amounts of “ready to mix” concrete. Pictures would go a long way to show what the final mix looks like. That’s it! That’s the idea. Maybe I’ll tackle it someday – if someone else beats me to the punch that’s okay hehe – as long as it helps someone out there… 😉

  1. OK…you had me really interested in your experience of making cement window sills….Im about to try it myself. But I cant see where you put details in writing, where do I find that….

    Love God hate sin

  2. Hi Mark,
    I never did get around to putting any details in writing. I posted this idea in the hopes that someone might be inspired to do so. Perhaps a google search will show if that’s the case or not?

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