Heat or Brain Fatique?

It is currently about 36 degrees outside (C) and it’s been in the 30’s for most of this week and I’m just feeling really tired. I’m writing this post in part because I’m hoping to stimulate my mind creatively so I can accomplish some tasks I need to get done today. I’m just finding it so hard to focus on getting things done with being so tired – hence the question – is it the heat? Or is it just brain fatique – i.e. “thinking” too much. Is it even possible to have brain fatique? I mean I know that lack of sleep is not good (enter in the heat theory again – heat in a non-air-conditioned house=sleepless nights) but I’ve also been engaging in a lot of creative thought process over the summer as I do a “cleaning house” of my priorities in life, evaluating and reinforcing my role as a Dad and husband, and working through some necessary leadership processes at the church. And then of course, I’ve just finished my weekly reading period (where I read magazine articles, email list articles, sermons that have caught my eye – as I read I select what I will keep and add to my “article file”). After reading all these great insights (and some not-so-great stuff as well :lol:) I tend to feel both inspired and overwhelmed. Today, I’m a little more in the overwhelmed side!
When I get in these slumps its very easy to get caught up into doing a lot of little “meaningless” things to avoid the deep “thinking” that is required for the more creative stuff. It would probably be called “procrastination” by some but I think in this case it’s just not wanting to sit staring at a blank screen for more than 5 minutes.

So what am I going to do? Well, this post is starting to unlock that “sluggishness” and as I type I’m beginning to forumlate in my mind a plan of action. 1.Pray 2.Write everything that comes to mind related to the task 3.Re-write 4.Make a Plan of action 5.Do what can be done today, schedule (re-schedule) the rest 6.When stuck, take a break and pray again.

Well there’s my miracle solution…off I go.

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