Strangely soothing…

Yeah, I’m writing late at night.? I’m working late at the office and I’m wrapping up to get ready to go home.? One of my final tasks is running some paper through the shredder.? You know I never noticed it before, but there is something strangely soothing about seeing that paper get shred!? Now, you’ve […]

Does spam increase with posts?

Something I’ve observed over all the blogs I manage is that it appears that the more posts you publish on your website the more spam comments you get…of course none of my readers see that because of the great service provided by aksimet.? Interesting.

Organize Series 1.0 Released

I’d already noticed a few bugs here and there after my initial release of the plugin and so I decided to give it another once over and fix them. This is a minor release so there are no new features added but there is one rather important bug fixed that caused the list of posts […]

WP2.1 Upgrade a success…

It was with a little bit of trepidition that I approached the task of upgrading to the brand spanking new version of WordPress. Since I use quite a few plugins and some custom code on this site I wasn’t sure if everything was up to kitsch for 2.1 Well, so far, things look okay […]

Organize Series Update

Well, since releasing this plugin I’ve had 82 downloads – which is great news! The bad news is I should have done a closer check to the plugin before releasing. I forgot to update the link for the plugin in the orgSeries.php – it pointed to the wrong page (…/orgSeries rather than …/organize-series-wordpress-plugin). Nothing major […]

Organize Series Plugin Released!

Finally, I’ve managed to assemble a release-worthy version of some code I’ve been using for a while on my sermons site. When I was developing the site for hosting all the various messages I preach at my church I looked unsuccessfully for a plug-in that I could use that would help in the organization and […]