Twitter Updates for 2007-03-28

Is there such a thing as information overload? If so, I’m in it. # thinking I want to google ecoENERGY and see if I can get funding to do some reno to my house # Canada Summer Jobs program – funding for hiring students in the summer – need to look into this for the […]

The tyranny of lists

I’ve got a confession to make. I’m addicted to lists. The problem is, my addiction can be a bit overwhelming at times. You may ask, what do you mean an addiction to “lists”? Well let’s just say I’ve got more todo lists floating around than aliens at a trekkie convention. And it’s just as silly […]

Organize Series 1.6.2 release – minor bug fix

Right on the heels of 1.6.1, one day later, I’m releasing another version of the Organize Series WordPress Plugin.? Again, it’s a minor bug fix – ordinarily some of this stuff I’d leave until I can add more features etc.? – but since my life is pretty busy lately I’ve decided to release any fixes […]

Twitter Updates for 2007-03-26

IM is back? # paying bills. Oh how I love paying bills. About as much as I love eating sand. # paying bills. Oh how I love paying bills. About as much as I like eating sand. # thinks balmy spring weather melting snow is a good reason to be happy. # Published vers. 1.6.1 […]

Minor Update to Organize Series WordPress Plugin

I just finished version 1.6.1 of the plugin.? There’s nothing big in this version – just a minor bug fix and some added files to make it compatible with the new WordPress plugins page.? I want to thank Jim for his communication with me that alerted me to a potential problem with my plugin resulting […]

Twitter Updates for 2007-03-24

Another one of those weeks where it’s been so busy I can’t get to finishing my sermon for Sunday until Saturday – I hate when that happens! # realized once again how important well done research and ongoing prayer plays into writing a message. #

Twitter Updates for 2007-03-23

posted a review of the book “Race Against Time” by Stephen Lewis – # blog post idea: “what happens when you are a list-aholic” – yeah my brain is hurting from all the to-do lists I’ve got laying around… # thinking sometimes it’s so hard to get started…if only there was a little thingmajig […]