Lost a finger? Just grow it back…

That’s what’s being suggested by this new procedure being tried out by the military using a special powder developed to trick the bodies stem cells to start building tissue that is missing. The article also reports the researchers stating that if this works it could eventually be used to replace more complex organs that people […]

Keeping Momentum

Momentum is a tricky thing.  It can be positive or negative.  Positive momentum is movement forward in the right direction, negative momentum is moving in the wrong direction.  Positive momentum leads to growth, negative momentum leads to death.  The more momentum there is the quicker either will happen. Every organization has momentum – I really […]

Organize Series 2.0.7 released

Some more fixes to the code made it necessary for yet another release of Organize Series.  Incidentally – I noticed that Travis Snoozy made the announcement that he is no longer actively developing his “In-Series” plugin and will only be maintaining it until he can find someone to take over it’s development.  Working on Organize […]