Organize Series 2.0.8beta Release

Patience pays off – for those of you waiting for a version of Organize Series that will work with the latest version of WordPress (currently WP 2.6.2)!  I just want to give a shout out to all the people who have been trying to hack up fixes in the interim instead of just waiting (and a thanks to Matthew Porter who emailed me his version of a fix – which I used a section of).  One of the  major hurdles keeping me from releasing even just this beta is that my “unique” “automatic-series-part-ordering” system was horribly broken by the new revision system introduced with WordPress 2.6.   The fixes offered up by others worked for adding new series but if you  modified an existing post that is a part of a series and reordered it in the series then things would go haywire.  So, I needed time to test and fix – which I haven’t had much of.  Well today, sitting at my wife’s bedside in the hospital while she sleeped (and staying up a bit later too) I managed to hack off this beta.  Here’s the rough changelist:

  • Fixed the bug that caused an incorrect url for the “Manage->Series” and “Settings->Series” pages.  My fix should work for all future versions of WP.
  • Added a fix to allow OrgSeries to work as expected if users customize the location of their wp-content folder (which was made possible with WordPress 2.6+)
  • Added fix for any calls made to the ‘wp-config.php’ file in orgSeries (see here for my reference)
  • Think I’ve nailed the “future-posts-that-are-a-part-of-a-series-showing-up-live” bug that’s been reported by some users.  If you “future-publish” a post that is part of a series it shouldn’t show up on your live blog to users anymore.
  • And of course fixed the incorrect numbering of parts in the series issues brought on by the new revisions feature in WordPress 2.6+
  • There are more fixes/updates in this version as well – you can see the full changeset here.
Remember: THIS IS A BETA – that means that you are using this at your own risk (well, you use the stable version at your own risk too…).  I cannot guarantee any support if you run into problems (but I do try to help where I can).  I’m releasing this early as a beta so I can see if any guinea pigs report any problems with using it before I put it up on  I’m going to be testing on WP2.7 as well before I publish it as stable. What I can say is that Unfolding Neurons is now upgraded to WP2.6.2 with Organize Series 2.0.8beta and I’m not noticing any problems.
Have fun – and if you DO decide to give it a go…PLEASE report any bugs you find in this thread.  I’ll collect the bugs as they come in and fix when I can.
Thanks for your patience folks (and for the kind words from some of you in the interim 😉 )
Woops, almost forgot….Here’s the download –> Organize Series 2.0.8b
UPDATE: The link to download the beta now gives you beta 2.
  1. Oh well, congrats for the release, at least 😀

    I’ve installed the beta version of OrgSeries on my test-site (WP 2.6) and it seems to work fine….

  2. Thank you so much! This is a very nice surprise to come and find. I’ve been checking here regularly for a long time, to see if there was any progress with it, and here it is.

    Perfect timing too. I’ve written a series of posts that are sitting in draft right now, that I wasn’t sure how to handle as far as linking them all together when I finally publish.

    This will make for a very nice halloween treat (creepy series of posts, lol). Damn, thank you so much for this. And patience sure does pay off. 🙂

  3. Just wanted to add that I’ve installed and it’s working like a charm. Will be sure to bug report if I see anything, but so far so good. Awesome work!

  4. Thanks for making the time to put this out. I decided to wait so I have not yet implemented any series function. I probably will wait for the stable release.

    One question: I use the Virtual Multiblog software from You mention that you make calls to the wp-config.php & this app makes dynamic changes to the file in order to use the same WP installation for several (totally unique) blogs. Will this be a conflict? I will try to copy the file at the end of this comment.

    I saw that you wife is in the hospital? I trust that it is nothing long-term or serious? I am praying that the healing touch of God’s hand will restore her quickly!

    VM’s wp-config.php
    get_sysinfo(‘configpath’) . ‘mb-users.php’ );

    require_once( $vmb->get_bloginfo( ‘config’, true, $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’] ) );

    if( empty( $table_prefix ) ) $table_prefix = ‘wp_’ . $vmb->clean_vuser() . ‘_’;

    if ( $vmb->get_sysinfo(‘diagnostics’) == true ) error_log( $vmb->diagnostics( false ) );

    require_once( ABSPATH . ‘wp-settings.php’ );

    include_once( ABSPATH . ‘wp-content/multiblog/resources/vmb-not-a-plugin.php’ );


  5. The file did not work properly. Your site tried to execute the “php” stuff.

    However, the bottom line is that there is NO database info in the file. All of that is kept in a separate (VM folder) file & dynamically added as WP calls for it from the wp-config.php

    Since WP can read it this way, I assume that it would be possible for your plug-in to also read the dynamic info.

  6. I just wanted to say thanks for the beta, am downloading it now and will give it a whirl. Will let you know if I encounter problems, but I’m really pleased you’ve provided the beta as I love the plugin and have been patiently checking back every now and again to see if there were any developments for WP 2.6. Your hard work, and that of others who volunteered to help out with changes, is appreciated!

  7. Hello Daren and everyone here!

    This should be a fantastic plugin but as soon as I activate the plugin the whole website dissapears and the only thing to be seen is an error message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in website…/wp-includes/taxonomy.php on line 190

    This line 190 looks like this:


    What does it mean? I tried all v.2.0.7 and beta but the result is the same… I am sad i cannot make it work despite spending couple of hours on different tricks. 🙁

    I am running WP 2.6.2

  8. In WP 2.6.2 integration with Write/Edit posts page doesn’t work absolutly… There is no Organize Series “box”…

  9. @ Balabahdra das:
    I suspect there’s another plug in you have in conflict with Organize Series that hasn’t closed it’s query_var hook correctly… try disabling any other plugins you use on your blog and use Organize Series and see if you get the same problem.

    @ Umbros:
    There should be an Organize Series box – in the right column. If it isn’t there for you then all I can think of is that there may be a conflict with another plugin you have installed that does something with the write/edit page.

  10. I had a problem with scheduling posts.

    If I go to schedule a post for say tomorrow and put in the consecutive # of the series and then go to schedule more posts later they would all show up as the same #.

    So right now scheduling more then one post in the same series doesn’t work.

    I’m using wp 2.6.2

    I don’t know any better way to explain it.

    Thanks for updating this plugin though and I hope your wife gets better!

  11. Thanks for reporting Jeff – I’ve fixed the bug (at least I’m pretty sure I fixed it ;)). The download link with this post and here both point to Organize Series 2.0.8 Beta 2.

  12. Hi! I was going nuts with the page not found error until deactivating AStickyPostOrderER plugin, which seems to conflict. The latter I also love, though, it’d be terrific if a patch or something could be made available. Many thanks!!

  13. Hi Darren – Guess I haven’t added to any series in a while, because I only just noticed the bug this evening. Grabbed the beta2, and all seems to be well (and I use a LOT of other plugins). So thanks. And fingers crossed for WP 2.7…

  14. Hi Darren,

    I have not been updating my series due to the bugs in the plugins. I know you are a busy man. Hope that you will be able to come out solution for us. Really appreciate your kindness in sharing and hope that you can catch the bugs.


  15. Does anyone know if this beta will work with WordPress 2.7?

    Also, if the revision system causes problems, is there any way to just turn it off?

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