Thoughts on Sunday (January 25th)

Sunday was my wife’s birthday and  she’ll say I forgot (but I really didn’t)  but I will admit I was pretty cheesy about it.  Still – I think the kids and I pulled off an okay day for her…  It was tough with Sunday being the busiest day of the week for me!  Thanks to […]

Thoughts on Sunday

I think I’m going to try doing some regular posts on my observations of service at my church each week.  Of course the first one is a bit late but that’s okay. Here we go: Pastor Marshall continued his series on Spiritual Disciplines – talking about serving and stewardship.  Wow – pretty brave to tackle […]

Trying out Soup

No…not the food – Soup is a tumblr-like service that seems like it’ll be a fun way to aggregate my various web presence and other stuff.  I’m looking for an easy way to collect that kind of info for archiving and retrieval.  I’ve put the feed of my soup in the sidebar here.  We’ll see […]