What I “tweeted” 2009-04-26

about to meet with someone I’m not looking forward to meeting…oh well. # it’s going to be 24C on the weekend! YAY! # Watcin my two oldest rehearse for a play they are in. It’s gonna be AWESOME! This sunday PM @ WPA @ 6pm. # ideas are coming faster than I can get them […]

What I “tweeted” 2009-04-19

Enjoyed a nice Easter dinner with my family – beeutiful day out! # Having problems with my gmail account today – offline seems to be a catalyst of the problems… # Okay, I’ve determined that my “todo” list has got TOO long – might need an extra days work this week! # working on something […]

What I “tweeted” 2009-04-12

Just met with a guy who said, “I want to get baptized” AND he was TOTALLY excited as he said it – cool! # just added the twittergadget to my gmail sidebar. Not sure if that was a good idea… # a good meal has made me drowsy # A little late – but happy […]

Easter 2009: Still Alive

Yes, Jesus is still alive.  Although there are probably many people in the world today who wish He had died – and stayed dead. Sadly. The apostle Paul rightly divines  (1 Cor. 15) that at the core of the Gospel message is the knowledge and fact of Christ’s resurrection.  If that’s a lie then the […]

Thoughts on Sunday [April 5, 2009]

I missed posting about two weekends ago (March 29th) but life has been really busy!  Sorry folks.  This past weekend I had the awesome pleasure of having my kids to myself as Ker went to Niagara Falls for a Women’s Retreat (one of those times where I wish Ker kept a blog – she has […]

What I “tweeted” 2009-04-05

a friend from WPA just dropped in to pray for me and my hearing because of the leading of the Spirit. AWESOME – thanks so much God! # Yay its getting warm out # in a few minutes I’m gonna be paintballing # Well my wife is off to the womens retreat the weekend and […]