All a twitter

I wrote this back near the end of May for a column I write for called “Techpass” that is part of the “Connections” mag published by the Western Ontario District of the PAOC.  Anytime now (and I think it already is) the July issue (published quarterly) of “Connections” will be out and about with this […]

Donate Friday

If you’ve used Twitter for any length of time you’ve probably noticed the phenomenom called “Follow Friday” where people tweet about people they think are worth following and actively search out new people to follow themselves.   If anything, “Follow Friday” shows us how something can gain traction when it’s simple and consistent.  Probably not […]

What I tweeted the past week.

Doing a little bit on # Day is flying by pretty quickly today # most of the morning was spent on communication (email etc.), taking a quick break and reading through my feeds before moving on. # is a great tool for planning meetings #moreganize # Storm front # Working on […]

What I tweeted the past week.

A change of perspective can make an incredible difference on how you "see" things. # Up early and ready to get back to work! # Just finished hanging up some pics and whatnot in my office that I brought in to hang a year ago. # finished cleaning my office and now onto my inbox. […]

A Fun Experience…

Back in early June, my church put together an appreciation dinner for all the volunteers.  As part of the evening I participated with our worship pastor, Janette, in putting on a special presentation.  Someone there recorded it and posted it on youtube.  What do you think?  I cringed watching it…(at least we had fun!)

Test post from new BlackBerry App

I got the announcement about the new blackberry app for WordPress being released to the wild and decided to download it (link is for ota downloads) and give it a try. And so, here is this post. So far it’s looking like it’s on track to be another useful addition to my curve. Remember though […]