Catalyst Day Two wrapup – Andy Stanley

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The last speaker I want to share about from my Catalyst experience was Andy Stanley.  He was the first speaker for Catalyst and the one that wrapped things up.  Andy talked about cultivating a healthy staff culture.  Why?  Because, Your church and your church culture should be the healthiest organizational culture in your city. Here’s […]

A Gate for the Net

One of the things I do is write a quarterly column for the Communication Magazine of my church district (Western Ontario District of PAOC).  The magazine is called Connections and it is sent out to over 500 credential holders and leaders and the title of my column is ‘Tech Pass”.  I usually write about various […]

Eye Tease

I came across this picture from John Saddington’s (Human3rror) blog and it sucked me in for a good 5 minutes of wasted time.  I just couldn’t resist re-posting it here.  For your eyes only (oh, and trying to clean your monitor doesn’t work.  I tried…)

What I tweeted the past week.

"If one gives answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame" (Proverbs 18:13) # @perrynoble I will be there (all the way from Canada) looking forward to it! in reply to perrynoble # Sitting at TO airport waiting to catch my flight to Atlanta. I'm so pumped about going to #cat09! AND #churchcrunch […]