A Powerful Leader’s Four…

[credit: Looking Glass] A great leader does four things and does four things well (by the way, I’m not saying this is all that a great leader does!). Inspire For some this comes naturally – the ability to inspire others by what is said but even more by what that leader does.  For other leaders […]

What I tweeted the past week.

Typography (pronounce?) – type-"aw"-graphy or type-"oh"-graphy? #thingsithinkofondrivetowork # RePost: What I tweeted the past week. http://bit.ly/6xHotW # wow, I just smelled a scent that triggered a memory of the scent in the school where I attended Grade One! # re: my last tweet ~~~> a pleasant memory # For the word of God is alive […]

New Website Release: VOHMalawi.org

A couple of days ago I released a new website that I designed for some friends of mine who are the new directors of the Village of Hope in Malawi, Africa.  David and Connie Buzikievich are an awesome couple who are following through with their offer to God to take them wherever He wants and […]

tweet cloud

I came across this neat little app called “Tweet Cloud” that gives you a snapshot picture of the common words you use on twitter in a given time period.  Mine for last year is to the left.  It’s a good thing “wife” shows up as one of those words,  “hope” and “tonight” also show up […]

A Day for Joy

In playing with a new service called Animoto I decided to create a short video highlighting one incident from my short-term missions trip to Zimbabwe in June 2007.  As part of that visit to the Village of Hope in Zimbabwe, I went to the “plots” which are a slum-like area with terrible living conditions that […]