Day Eight (Jan 4) – Sunday Morning Live! [Ukraine Missions Trip]

This is the eighth entry in the series I am writing about my trip to Ukraine?–?I didn’t have daily internet access while there so I recorded each day for later publishing.  And later [much later actually] is now.

Today was our last day in Krivoy Rog.  Here’s a quick rundown of the events of the day:

  • woke up and ate Breakfast @ 10am
  • Preaching at Krivoy Rog Church
    Preaching at Krivoy Rog Church

    Church Service @ 11am – I preached – service was awesome! What was really moving for me was the response of the congregation as I preached and the freedom I felt in speaking. Having to go slower for the translator gives me time to think what I’m going to say and I often veered from my notes. Of course, that was due to the leading of the Holy Spirit as well. During the service Pastor Gregory gave me a note asking me to give the altar call for repentance – that I was nervous for BUT I followed through because I believe we give the invitation and it’s God’s job to draw people.  Well 7 people came forward and I led them through a salvation prayer with the translator using 1 john 1:9 (If we confess our sins he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness). It was awesome! The entire church cheered for those who had given their hearts to the Lord and after praying I hugged each one of them. Pastor Gregory also had me  pray for some needs people had written down and handed in. That was cool too!  I was just blown away by this Sunday morning service and SO EXCITED about the new people joining the family of God!!

    Praying for people at Krivoy Rog church
    Praying for people at Krivoy Rog church

    Following the message Pastor Gregory had the team members and I pray for people who came to the front for prayer.

  • Following the service we packed up our bags and loaded them in Ed’s van then had lunch.
  • One of the boys I befriended at the Boys Rehab center (at farthest right is Yarris one of our translators).
    One of the boys I befriended at the Boys Rehab center (at farthest right is Yarris one of our translators).

    Then we went to the boys rehab center and they presented a program they had prepared for us. They also presented a framed picture taken of all the boys there.

    • They taught us some Ukrainian Christmas songs
    • They took us on a tour of their rooms
    • It was evident they were VERY grateful for everything we had done (hallway, showerstalls, hand washing sinks)
  • Restaurant on the road to Kyiv
    Restaurant on the road to Kyiv

    Following our time at the rehab center we then got on a rented Mushuka (bus) and started on our way to Kyiv (a 6-7hour trip). I don’t know what was worse, riding the Mushuka or taking the train! About 1 ½ hour into the trip the bus driver noted that one of his axles was hot and so we decided to have dinner at a restaurant down the road while a new bus was called in from Krivoy Rog. So we had dinner at this Ukrainian Restaurant with paintings of naked women on the wall by each table. Yeah, you read that right – it was “art”, everybody was kind of giggling like schoolkids.  And no, this wasn’t a sleazy joint – it was a genuine Ukrainian restaurant…  The food was really good however! (and no, I didn’t take any pictures of the art *rolls eyes*).

  • When the new bus finally came we got on and started off again to Kyiv. However, we think the bus driver got lost a bit because we ended up not arriving until about 3am (were expecting to get there at 1am @ the latest (even with the bus troubles). I was almost delirious by the time I arrived there from lack of sleep. Boy was the bed ever good.
  • We’re spending the day in Kyiv and sleeping overnight at the Bible College here in the dormitory rooms.  Looking forward to exploring the city tomorrow!!
The finished renovated hallway at the boys rehab center
The finished renovated hallway at the boys rehab center
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