Happy Mother’s Day! (especially to pastor’s wives)

I love my wife and I really do believe that God brought us together!  As I got thinking about mother’s day this year I thought of all the things that Kerryanne does, not only as a mother, but also as a mother who happens to be a pastor’s wife.  Here’s some things:

  • Prays for me (this is a big deal for me!)
  • Helps me pick out what to wear (I am absolutely NO good at matching clothes and dressing appropriately – if you ever see me wearing something bad it’s probably because Ker wasn’t around to help me…)
  • Endures the stares of people when our children are being kids at a time when some think it’s inappropriate (and maintains her cool!)
  • Gets all four of our children fed, dressed, and ready for church on Sunday’s while I have left early to accomplish what I’m responsible for there (if you think it’s easy for her, I DARE you to say that to her… 😉 )
  • Arrives at church and ensures that all our children get safely to their Sunday School classes.
  • After service while I’m being pulled in a thousand directions – Ker usually rounds up the gang (I try to help when I can) and gets our kids off home and makes lunch (sometimes for others who are coming over to join us as well!)

Of course, there’s much MUCH more that I know I’m missing in this short list.  Let me suffice to say that I truly am grateful for Kerryanne both as my wife and the mother to my children.   And to all of you pastor’s wives out there – thanks for all that you do to help your husband serve God as He has called them to!

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