What I “tweeted” 2009-05-03

  • got a lot of yard work to do (a shed to build)..it’s a nice day and it’s not my day off 🙁 #
  • just spent some time on the piano playing and singing – I’ve been away from the keys for FAR too long – enjoyed the time of worship! #
  • I love it when I get email like this…”Hi I like your plugin, can you do ‘x’ for me – thanks” – like I can drop what I’m doing… #
  • Didn’t realize gmail had a cap on distinct going out at once and per day – it’s fairly large but still… http://bit.ly/fadSs #
  • hoping the CCB team updates users with the status the bugs in their system – some pretty major ones in their calendaring/attendance system #
  • getting the mid-afternoon blahs…pushing through *yawn* #
  • had an awesome time paintballing with my oldest son tonight (a birthday party he was invited to – I got to play too! yay!) #
  • finished a very productive day on the home front. Got a few small chores done around the house that I haven’t been able to do #
  • Got two trees pulled (thanks Al), got my wife’s van fixed (thanks Bruce), got two tickets for date night tonight. Woohoo! on a roll 🙂 #
  • saw Wolverine tonite. Good flick. Was nice to get out on a date with my wife 🙂 #

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My name is Darren Ethier. I'm the owner of roughsmootheng.in. I'm the father of four children and husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. My passion is technology and it's strategic use in ministry. I also love anything to do with leadership and the wise use of words. I'm also the developer of the popular WordPress plugin Organize Series. Since THAT'S not enough to keep me busy I also work as a core developer for a great plugin called Event Espresso

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