What I tweeted the past week.

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  • The way to overcome a clinging private sin is to voluntarily remove the veil of secrecy surrounding it. // powerful quote! #
  • watching "canada's worst driver 5" // it cracks me up! #
  • gonna be meeting with my men's ministry catalyst team in about 20 minutes! #
  • WPA Men's Ministry Catalyst team meeting went great! Some exciting things in the works! (I'm impatient though). #
  • Preparing message for achievers lunch. I'm going to be speaking on "Leaving a Legacy" #
  • I'm reminded once again why keeping semon prep soaked in prayer is so important! I'd never think up this stuff on my own! #
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  • have you taken a moment today to remember those who have given their lives for your freedom? #
  • going offline to focus on doing some writing for the next couple hours #
  • alright, back online – finished the sermon I'm speaking tomorrow to our achievers (55+) #
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  • RePost: On Failure http://bit.ly/3TSUFU #
  • just finished cleaning out our dishwasher from all the hard water deposits. I hate that job! Hope it works well for my wife now. #
  • Attended a fundraiser for vohzimbabwe.org – was really neat connecting with old friends again. http://myloc.me/1vxSa #

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