What I tweeted the past week.

  • Doing a little bit of.work on vohzimbabwe.com #
  • Day is flying by pretty quickly today #
  • most of the morning was spent on communication (email etc.), taking a quick break and reading through my feeds before moving on. #
  • moreganize.com is a great tool for planning meetings #moreganize #
  • Storm front http://mypict.me/c8MU #
  • Working on my father-in-law's computer and cleaning it up for him. It is loaded with viruses and spyware {groan} (1/2)… #
  • Would he notice if I took a sledgehammer to it? (2/2) #
  • I haven't felt this violent towards a computer in a looong time (#fixingfatherinlawscomputer) #
  • Driving my in-laws to the toronto airport. They're heading to Scotland for three weeks. #
  • Have a real bad headache after the trip hom from TO Airport. The traffic was AWFuL. I'm going to lay down for a bit and see if it clears up. #
  • Feeling a bit better after my sleep. Working on getting my inbox to zero now. #
  • Unfoldingneurons.com is down – webhost has no eta on when it will be back up. All my domains on that account are down too. Bummer. #
  • All my websites are back up. #
  • accomplished to do items so far today = 0. Why? Emptying/Taking Actiion on my inbox has taken more time than I thought. arghh. #
  • Having lunch at the mall food court and #reading #principleofthepath #
  • Back from lunch. Those new york fries hit the spot. #
  • Getting some adverts done to hopefully pull some peeps in to help on a brand new #webdevelopmentteam at my church. #
  • What do you think of this "help wanted" I posted to recruit for our web development team at my church? -> http://bit.ly/mjirx #
  • Unexpected but nice to sleep in this morning. #
  • Doinf a little work on my #organizeseries #wordpress plugin today #
  • Heading to the bulk barn #
  • Dang the bulk barn on bridgeport is no more! Time to google… #
  • Thinking I'm glad we canceled the garage sale we were going to have today – man it's raining out! #

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My name is Darren Ethier. I'm the owner of roughsmootheng.in. I'm the father of four children and husband of the most beautiful woman in the world. My passion is technology and it's strategic use in ministry. I also love anything to do with leadership and the wise use of words. I'm also the developer of the popular WordPress plugin Organize Series. Since THAT'S not enough to keep me busy I also work as a core developer for a great plugin called Event Espresso

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