Which comes first (why faith matters)

I just read an interesting post by Seth Godin called, “Which comes first (why stories matter)“. In it, Seth points out the interesting relationship between the work we do and the story we have. Two points caught my attention: The work is what people talk about, because it’s what we experience. In other words, the […]

New definition of productivity?

Okay, I was sitting in my office one day multitasking. You know, that word that only really entered into common vernacular in the last oh decade or so. I had multiple programs running on my computer…email, web browser, Bible software, Word Processor, to-do task list and a few books open on my desk. In between […]

The tyranny of lists

I’ve got a confession to make. I’m addicted to lists. The problem is, my addiction can be a bit overwhelming at times. You may ask, what do you mean an addiction to “lists”? Well let’s just say I’ve got more todo lists floating around than aliens at a trekkie convention. And it’s just as silly […]

Choosing Blasphemy?

I recently came across this article in Newsweek (January 8, 2007, Jerry Adler) – here’s an excerpt, ‘Hi my name is Lindy and I deny the existence of the Holy Spirit and you should too.’ With that five-second submission to YouTube, a 24-year-old who uses the name “menotsimple” has either condemned herself to an eternity […]

Leaders are followers…

This is some thinking I had on leadership recently… A key to great leaders is that they are discerning followers. Why is that? Everyone follows something/someone. The claim, “I don’t follow anything” is groundless. From the moment of birth our lives are impacted by external stimuli bombarding our senses. Some of these things we have […]

Article Review – The Blessing of Pain

I must admit I never quite looked at pain the way that Paul Brand and Philip Yancey record in the article Putting Pain to Work which is posted on BuildingChurchLeaders.com. Illustrating from his experience working with people suffering from leprosy, Paul highlights the importance of pain in healthy bodies. This correlates directly with the healthiness […]

Article Find – Revenge of the Plants

You know I never thought of the creation/evolution debate from this angle before, but Dr. Richard Yen (a cell biologist, founder of a biotech company, and advisor to the West-Coast Chinese Christian Conference) certainly has a valid point in highlighting how plants defy the evolutionary model. Certainly when you read this article you can’t help […]

Perspective on the Mel Gibson affair…

Okay, I know this is a bit delayed but I came across this article by Michael Coren, published in the Toronto Sun that I liked. In Christians are a Jews’ Best Friends Coren makes some good comments about the incongrous perspective the media and secular establishment in North America takes when it comes to covering […]