Organize Series Bug Fix: Disappearing Content

Thanks to Thomas Sutton, I became aware of a bug in the plugin that caused the post content for all posts to disappear when the auto-tag toggle for the series-meta was disabled. I’ve updated the .zip file for the download – which you can get quickly here. The only file that needs to be replaced […]

Does spam increase with posts?

Something I’ve observed over all the blogs I manage is that it appears that the more posts you publish on your website the more spam comments you get…of course none of my readers see that because of the great service provided by aksimet.? Interesting.

Organize Series 1.0 Released

I’d already noticed a few bugs here and there after my initial release of the plugin and so I decided to give it another once over and fix them. This is a minor release so there are no new features added but there is one rather important bug fixed that caused the list of posts […]