Organize Series Update

Well, since releasing this plugin I’ve had 82 downloads – which is great news! The bad news is I should have done a closer check to the plugin before releasing. I forgot to update the link for the plugin in the orgSeries.php – it pointed to the wrong page (…/orgSeries rather than …/organize-series-wordpress-plugin). Nothing major […]

Organize Series Plugin Released!

Finally, I’ve managed to assemble a release-worthy version of some code I’ve been using for a while on my sermons site. When I was developing the site for hosting all the various messages I preach at my church I looked unsuccessfully for a plug-in that I could use that would help in the organization and […]

Announcing new site/blog launches…

Just a quick shout out about two new sites I’ve recently designed/published to the net. HPCOnline, which is the website for Hanover Pentecostal Church (the church I pastor). Using a much modified/hacked up (via custom plug-ins) wordpress core and the “fresh” theme, I redesigned HPCOnline from the old phpNuke version into a much more user-friendly […]

The key to blogging for the long haul…

Even though I’m still relatively new to the blogosphere (I’ve been blogging since May 2006 – see my first post!) I have been journaling off and on for quite a few years and blogging and journaling share some similarities in terms of what gives lasting power. Of course, there are pretty significant differences between the […]

WordPress upgrade to 2.0.5 a success…

I wasn’t going to bite the bullet and upgrade to 2.0.5 but I decided to go ahead anyway. I used Mark Jaquith’s Changed Files .zip for upgrading and it worked like a charm (Thanks Mark!). So far I’ve had no problems with the upgrade – looking forward to 2.1!

Been a bit quiet here…

Yeah I know, I haven’t posted in a while. It’s just things have been so busy everytime I visit thinking I’ll post something I’m just so tired – too tired to think let alone type :lol:! Anyway, what have I been up to that’s kept me so busy? Well aside from church stuff I’ve been […]

Launch of Eclectic Excogitation!

YAR! has morphed into Eclectic Excogitation and I’ve transfered it to my new domain Why “Eclectic Excogitation”? Because I’m a nerd with a lot of different interests! Why “unfolding neurons”? Because it’s a unique way of describing what my domain is going to be about. For now, unfolding neurons is just hosting my blog […]