Neurotic Plugins

Nah these aren’t crazy – but “neurotic” fits in with the site theme ;)! I’ve gotta confess, I really like WordPress I’m not much of a coder but from time to time I like twiddling around with logic and poetry and WordPress is a great vehicle to do it with.

Anyway, I like making things available for free so keep checking, you never know what kind of plug-ins you’ll find here. A lot of the plug-ins I write for WordPress are really adaptations of plug-ins others have already done a good job coming up with. I really do try to give credit where credit is due – but if you see I’ve messed up there – let me know so I can correct that 🙂

Warning: I don’t take any responsibility for any problems from you smacking in plug-ins from “Unfolding Neurons” to your own WordPress install. In fact, I really encourage you to take this warning seriously because even though I do make every attempt in my limited knowledge to make sure these plug-ins won’t do anything nasty…my knowledge is just that – limited! So, take care to back-up your precious sayings before unloading the goods. That’s not to say I won’t try to help if you run into any problems – but don’t expect me to bail you out of a black hole – I’m dodging too many myself nearly every day hehe.

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