1. Actually, I’m suspicious that there was some sort of plugin conflict going on in MySQL that resolved itself during my fiddling. Massive strangeness…

    Thanks for all your help and patience. I think I’m going to really enjoy using this one.

  2. Alright, Darren, I’m back. And so is my ‘cannot modify header’ error:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/opendial/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/orgSeries/orgSeries.php:231) in /home/opendial/public_html/blog/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 275

    From some of the research I’ve been doing, this error indicated that extra whitespace is getting tossed in somewhere from the OrgSeries.php file on line 231 that’s creating havoc with the pluggable.php file on line 275. Since line 231 in OrgSeries.php is referencing some options settings in a different file, is it possible that something is written in that file that’s inserting extra whitespace that doesn’t belong?

    And while I’m getting the error, the post itself goes up just fine and the plugin seems to function. I just get this error when I publish it. Thoughts?

  3. Round 2 😉
    Okay, I’m still not sure what’s throwing up that error. I’ve checked and rechecked my code and so far there’s nothing obvious I can see. Yet, there obviously is something from the error you are getting. The thing that is baffling me the most is where this error is popping up for you in that there is nothing on the write post/edit post screen that my plugin hooks into (yet anyways).

    So…here’s some grasping for straws suggestions that you can maybe try. They may seem silly, but try them anyway. All edits are to the orgSeries.php file (back it up before making the edits so that you can just overwrite if something goes wrong.

    1. On line 230 which is if (isset($catID)) : ?> Change the “:” to a “{“.
    2. On line 257 where it is < ?php endif; - change the "endif;" to a "}".
    3. Line 434 is a blank line between add_filter('posts_orderby','sort_series_page_options'); and the ending "?>" tag. Delete the blank line so that line 434 becomes the ending ?> tag instead of being a blank line.

    Give that a try and see if it works.

  4. Weird.

    I made your changes, and then replicated the error again. I then messed around a bit, editing the first entry in the series, and replicated the error again. So I created a second dummy entry for the series. No error. Deleted the dummy entry, went back and edited the first entry again. No error. (Huh?) Created a third series category and wrote a first dummy entry for that. No error. Edited the dummy entry. No error. Deleted the entry, went back and edited the first entry in my other series again, just to be sure. No error. Went back and created an initial entry in the dummy series category. Error. I even experimented with putting tags in Ultimate Tag Warrior and the meta plugin, both individually and together, just to see if orgSeries was interacting with them to create the errors. Sometimes I’d get the error, sometimes I wouldn’t. I’ll be darned if I can figure out what the heck is going on.

    Ok, the fact of the matter is that I can’t even consistently replicate the error. Sometimes, I get the error, sometimes I don’t – even if I exactly duplicate the conditions under which the error occurs. This suggests to me that maybe the error is an issue of timing related to the post process. Could it be that some step of the publish process that orgSeries performs sometimes begins before a previous step concludes? Possibly as a consequence of something not happening in PHP or MySQL as fast as it should? I’m not all that familiar with this sort of thing or with the functions your plugin uses, so I’m just tossing thoughts and ideas out there.

    I can’t think of any other plugin I use that orgSeries might interact with, either, to create this error as inconsistently as it does. It’s definitely baffling, and in the end it may just be something I have to accept, since at this point I’m not convinced it’s really your plugin that’s doing this so much as something on the backend not running as fast as it ought.

  5. This suggests to me that maybe the error is an issue of timing related to the post process. Could it be that some step of the publish process that orgSeries performs sometimes begins before a previous step concludes? Possibly as a consequence of something not happening in PHP or MySQL as fast as it should? I?m not all that familiar with this sort of thing or with the functions your plugin uses, so I?m just tossing thoughts and ideas out there.

    This is what baffles me the most because my plugin doesn’t change or interact in any way with the actual posting process (especially the line that is being referenced). The functions I use only change the query to the database when displaying a post that is part of a series. But the actual posting process is left alone as I merely utilize the existing category taxonomy that WordPress uses.

    It sure is a conundrum alright. Well, hopefully someone will stumble across our conversation and know what it is. In the meantime, I’ll see if there’s anything I can dig up in some of my own research later on today. It’s an interesting challenge 😆

  6. No, that makes sense. Odd, then, that I only this error when I try posting an entry that falls under one of the series categories – and then only inconsistently. I suppose that maybe it could have something to do with the special category-xx.php file or the way your plugin kind of redirects the category that might cause the problem. Does orgSeries talk to MySQL at any point during publishing to tell it to look for a different file for displaying the series category?

    (Can you tell that I hate leaving bugs unresolved? 😉 )

  7. Ah, geez, Darren – here’s another for ya’. When someone comments on an entry in a series (admin included), this error appears –

    Something went wrong – 302 : Client error: Can’t edit post from requested journal

    I’m using AJAX comments, but this error doesn’t appear on non-series entries. I’m guessing all these errors I keep finding have something to do with the archives (we’re back to that again). Any ideas? Am I annoying you yet? 😉

  8. Jim,

    Does orgSeries talk to MySQL at any point during publishing to tell it to look for a different file for displaying the series category?

    Nope, that’s the funny thing about this. OrgSeries only queries the database when there’s a request for the page to display, not in the process of publishing the post. But here’s something you can do to test that theory. Uncheck, all the “auto-tag” boxes on the series options page. That prevents the plugin from doing the hooks that insert the template tags for the posts with series. If the error stops then I’ll be shocked 😆

    (Can you tell that I hate leaving bugs unresolved? 😉 )

    Yup, but that’s okay – I’m the same way, which is why I appreciate your communication because I’ve never experienced this bug (and still haven’t hehe). I’m really strongly suspecting it has something to do with server environment but that’s way out of my league so that’s just a leap in the dark.

    Something went wrong – 302 : Client error: Can?t edit post from requested journal
    I?m using AJAX comments, but this error doesn?t appear on non-series entries. I?m guessing all these errors I keep finding have something to do with the archives (we?re back to that again)

    whoah, that’s a freaky error. Again, puzzling because orgSeries doesn’t even touch the commenting engine. Further, category-xx.php only applies to category archive pages and isn’t even requested for single.php pages. You can verify this by deleting the category-xx.php file from your themes directory (which will revert the series table of contents page back to normal) and see if you still get the error.

    Further, since orgSeries doesn’t do any redirects (it only queries what’s in the default wp-db) and doesn’t have any of it’s own tables I don’t really understand how it could cause your site to return a 302. I’m not saying it’s not the culprit but it’s just puzzling to me.

    Am I annoying you yet?

    Not yet 😉

  9. One thing that I just thought of for the 302 error. It could be that the plugin isn’t closing out a <div> container or something of that nature (which will affect the container ajax-comments will be looking for when executing). I’m looking through source now to see if that’s a possibility.

  10. I think I found it:
    Line 353 has:
    < ?php get_cat_icon('cat=' . $cat_ID . '&fit_width=' . $settings['cat_icon_width_cat_page'] . '&height=-1&expand=true'); } ?>
    remove the “}” and then,
    Line 355 has:
    < ?php } ?>
    Add an extra “}” there.

    I “think” that will take care of your “302” error.

  11. Well, I dunno. I think I’m about ready to call it quits on that one because now I can’t duplicate the header error. The 302 is still occurring, even with the change you recommended, but the comments are getting posted. The reader just doesn’t know it unless they refresh the page.

  12. Another question Jim. I’ve looked at your site and it appears that only Series articles are in a sub-category. Just for further troubleshooting…do you have any other sub-categories outside of the series category? If not, can you try making a sub-category and posting to it. If you get the same errors then that will at least demonstrate that orgSeries isn’t at fault.

    I think I’ve pretty much exhausted anything I can think of at this point. Sometime this week I’m going to be trying out the ajax-comments plugin so we’ll see if I get any problems on my blog 😉

  13. There have been some bugs with php Fast-CGI – my understanding of it is limited but it could be a clue as to what is happening and if you try what I suggested above it will indicate whether it’s limited to just with my plugin or some other plugin conflict (shrug).

  14. Made a test entry in a sub-category outside of the series category and even made a test comment – no problems in either place.

  15. Hm, I was just looking at some code in the pluggable.php file and noticing that the line in question that serves as the ‘victim’ of the problem has a note that says it may cause problems on some FastCGI setups. So, it may be something I just have to deal with and work around as necessary. I still don’t understand why your plugin would make it choke like that, but I can live with it.

    And I’m not sure, but I think that maybe with the upgrade to version 1.6.2, that 302 error may have gone away – at least there’s no error for the second entry in the series. The first still gets one when people leave comments. No rhyme or reason to these errors at all, which is what’s most frustrating about them.

  16. Hi there! I’m trying to include version 1.6.2 of your plugin in a version 2.0.2 installation of WordPress. However, when I try to load the options page I get:

    // Fatal error: Call to undefined function: js_escape() in /home/public_html/wp-content/plugins/orgSeries/orgSeries-options.php on line 164

    The code in the file looks fine to me, but none of the vague prodding I feel comfortable doing has yielded any results. I’d appreciate any insight you might be able to lend; the plugin looks great!

  17. Sorry for the delay in replying memoriam. I suspect your version of WordPress does not have the js_escape() function defined in core files. I’m investigating this further in my spare time and will see if it’s worth my while to make the options panel backward compatible with earlier version (whether it’s work my time will depend on how much time it will take to do so).

    I highly suggest you upgrade your blog to a newer version of WordPress – not only so you can run Organize Series 😉 , but more for the security fixes that should be applied.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention though memoriam as at the very least it means I’ll need to modify my plugin descriptions to highlight the incompatible versions (which I’ll get around to sometime today hopefully)

  18. Hi – I’ve just installed this plugin, and it l!ooks like a fine piece of work. I was wondering – what would I have to do if I wanted that series-list box to appear acros the bottom of a post instead of at the top right?

  19. Hi Malcolm – great question. To do that you’ll have to edit the template file. If you follow the steps I list below you should have no problems (providing you are familiar with how to edit your theme template php files):
    1. In the series options page, deselect the post-list auto-tag toggle.

    2. If your theme has a single.php file in the theme folder that’s the file you’ll be editing (if not, reply and I’ll tell you what to look for).

    3. In the single.php file look for the line that has the_content() or a variation of that function in it.

    4. After that code, on a new line, put <?php wp_postlist_display(); ?>

    5. Open the orgSeries.css file and edit the following .css styles to style the box the way you want: .series-title, .catlist-ul, .catlist-li, .series-box, .cat-title-post-page, and .cat-description. On the series options page you can read what each class is for. I’m assuming that you understand how .css works – if you don’t, of course this will make the job a wee bit more difficult for you 😉 . Again, if this is the case just let me know.

    In future versions of the plugin I plan on incorporating options to choose the location of the box via the options page rather than having to edit the template files. But for now usage of the template tags works fine for those comfortable with it 🙂 Hope that helps!

  20. Wanted to thank you for writing a great plugin. I used it briefly on my previous site, and will be installing it shortly on the one included at the link. Continue the great work!

  21. Hi Darren,
    Like your plug-in. However, it messes up the layout on the series page.
    Have the 1.6.2 version (on WP 2.1.3), everthing works, but for the series page [http://kloosterhaven.nl/category/dossier/]

    (site is in Dutch; series collected under “Dossier”, top left “Onderwerpen”).

    Any suggestions?

  22. And just found another “problem”: can’t find the subcategories I added in my admin. Wanted the update sub-cat description, but the only category I see, is the main one (“Dossier”).

  23. Hi Milly,
    re the first problem with the series page. The problem you are having is due to your theme layout which isn’t really all that hard to fix (providing you understand theme structure).

    The category-xx.php file I provide with the plugin is based on a theme layout with one sidebar on the right (which most WP themes follow). Does your theme have a category.php or an archive.php or an archives.php file? If so, look at the structure in one of those files.

    What you need to do is copy all the code in one of those files to a new file called category-xx.php (where xx is the id of your “dossiers” category). Once the code is copied delete all the code in between and including <?php if (have_posts())...endif; or } . Basically you’re deleting the “WordPress Loop” and everything in it. Then where that code was place the following tag, <?php wp_serieslist_display(); ?>, save the file, upload it to your theme directory (overwriting the old category-xx.php file in the process) and you should be good to go.

    If you still have problems, give me a link to the category.php, archives.php, archive.php or index.php file for your theme and I’ll take a look at it.

  24. As for your second problem… this plugin doesn’t use any “hooks” into the category query code for the “manage categories” page. More than likely there’s something going on with the Ajax loading of the new sub-categories.

    Have you refreshed the “Manage Categories” page? The subcategories should appear okay there.

  25. Have solved the 2nd problem. I deactivated a plugin “category overload”, and the sub-cats reappeared.
    But now my whole theme’s gone messy. Away, in fact. Have absolutely no clue what happened. Was trying to find the link for you to look at the files.
    Since it’s 2:30 a.m. here, I’ll look into that tomorrow and come back to you.
    Thanks beforehand.

  26. Milly,
    I’ll just download the mandigo theme when I get a chance and whip up a custom category-xx.php file for you. Won’t take long but I might not get to it ’till the weekend. In the meantime, if you want to clean up your blog so it doesn’t have that ugly series archive page just remove the category-xx.php file from your theme directory and it will default to the standard archive display (which will be cleaner looking) 🙂

  27. Okay Milly, give this custom category-xx3.php file a go. I haven’t tested it so I’m not really sure how it will work. Let me know what it does (and maybe leave it up if it looks funny so I can see it – or take a screenshot)

    The file is located here (right-click and save as…)
    When you upload it to your themes directory rename it so that “xx3” is replaced with your main “series” category id (in your case the id for dossiers). Also make sure that you remove the “.txt” from the end of the file.

  28. Hey Darren,

    Super! It works.
    See for yourself on the website.

    Thanks a billion. Great service from your side!

  29. Great plugin. 🙂

    I’ve noticed one glitch, though. I’d like some of my posts to belong to more than one series (usually via sub-series), but only one series box is displayed at the start of series posts. Any chance a future version will handle membership in multiple series?

  30. Hi Funky,
    Thanks for the appreciation.

    Regarding your “glitch”. I honestly have never planned to make it possible for a post to belong to more than one series. Perhaps if you could give a little more detailed explanation of what you’d like to be able to do with your suggested feature I can then respond if whether its possible for me to include that in future development or whether its something I want to invest time in 😉 .

  31. Currently, the list of other posts in a series can be displayed in posts. I’d like to see that modestly expanded to allow other posts from all relevant series to be shown.


    Suppose I had a series on Web 2.0 and a sub-series on blogging. As things stand, only the posts for one of those series will show up at the top of my latest post on blogging (and I don’t know which would take precedence). I’d like to see a notice that a post belongs to the Web 2.0 series and links to the other posts in the series, as well as the same for the blogging series.

    Make sense?

  32. Yeah that makes sense. I’ve created a ticket for it and it is something I’ll try to add in a future version. Don’t expect it anytime soon though. I most likely won’t be doing any further development (adding new features) on this plugin until after my trip to Zimbabwe which means we’re looking at mid-late July before I publish the next version.

  33. The site for the wp-category-icons plugin is missing in action. Hopefully you still have a copy of the plug and can re-enable downloads?

  34. Sorry for the delay Edie, Akismet marked your comment as spam and it was totally by accident I caught it. Anyway, I’ve made available my copy of Ivan’s plugin once again and I’ll leave it up unless I hear from him otherwise. You can download it here.

  35. Hi Darren,

    For some reason I am not able to activate the plugin. WP 2.1.2 and trying to install 1.6.2. Any ideas?

    Thank you.


  36. Dirk,
    Is the plugin showing up on the plugins page in your dashboard? If so, what happens when you try to activate it (do you get an error message, does the screen go blank…etc.) As much information as possible will help me troubleshoot your problem.

  37. The plugin will not show up in Dashboard. I’ve tried to uploaad it a couple of times, without success. I have never seen any of my active plugins conflicting so I have not yet tried to deactivate some (or all) to see if that helps.

  38. I also tried to activate the plugin on another (almost clean) wp blog at the same remote host. Same problem: plugin won’t show up in Dashboard. Host info: Linux, Apache and php4.

  39. Dirk,
    It sounds to me like the directory structure of the install isn’t correct. Check to make sure that the directory structure is:
    .../wp-content/plugins/orgSeries/(plugin files)
    Also, did you download the plugin from this page or from wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ ?

  40. Plugin comes from this page and resides in the location and structure as specified by you above. This is the same location where all other plugins are. I will make a screendump and blog this at http://smoldersonline.com

    Your effort is greatly appreciated as the plugin could really enahnce my blog, (I think… anyway). Thanks a lot.

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