1. Screendump shows correct directory install. Only thing I can think of is that maybe the unpacking didn’t go good. Did you unpack the zip on your local machine before uploading it to your server or did you unpack it on the server? I just tried installing the zip file on two different server installs of WP and I had no problems.

    If there was a conflict with another plugin you’d be getting some sort of message.

  2. Hi Darren,

    I have tried your plugin and it is working fine as far as I have tested by now. It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! 🙂

    The bad thing is that I have not been able to make the Category Icons plugin work. If you don’t mind, I will take the help you offered above 🙂

    My problem is:

    When I go to “Options->Category Icons/Manage” and select a category there are no icons loaded in the dropdown list.

    I guess the problem is in the “Local Path to Icons”. I understand it should be a path to some images in my local PC. When I write (because I see no browse button, so I understand I must write the path) the path to some files and click “Update Options”, the backslashes of the path are duplicated.

    For example, if I entered: D:\TEMP\images

    …once I press Update I would get D:\\TEMP\\images
    …and if I do it again, I would get D:\\\TEMP\\\images


    Do you have any idea if I am missing something?

    I am using Windows XP. I have tried with Firefox 2.0 and iExplorer 7. There are a lot of pictures, mainly gif and jpg and I even renamed some of them the same as some categories (just to try).

    I am completely lost. Any help could be appreciated 🙂

    And, in any case, thanks for your great work!

  3. Hi Isilion,
    Thanks for the comments I’m glad you find the plugin useful.

    Now for category-icons…

    The plugin only reads local directories on the server that WordPress is installed in. In most cases, leaving both the “Local Path to Icons” and “URL to Icons” fields blank will work IF you use the default place for all your uploaded pictures. Most default WordPress installations upload pictures (via the upload pane in the write-post screen) to [PATH ON SERVER]/wordpress/wp-content/uploads which the category-icons plugin is set to read by default. You can verify this by going to the miscellaneous tab in the options section.

    Currently the usage of Category Icons requires more steps than I’d like but I am planning to integrate it better with my plugin in a future version when I can get around to it. Here’s what I do when I want to add an icon/logo to associate with a series:

    1. Go to the write-post screen and use the upload pane to upload the logo I want to use. (You don’t need to enter anything in the post content fields as once you upload the logo it is on the server)

    2. Go to options/category icons and then click on “manage” link. In the corresponding table click “select” for the category you wish to associate the logo with.

    3. In the “icon” dropdown field you should see the logo you uploaded in the list. Select it and then click the “select icon” button.

    4. That logo/icon is now associated with that category and that’s all there is to it.

    5. Remember you only have to follow those steps once when you first start a series. My plugin will automatically “read” the corresponding logo for a series and display it according to how you like as set in the Organize Series options page.

    As I already stated – this works but it is not the best solution and in future versions of the plugin I am aiming to make the process a whole lot simpler and more intuitive to use. My goal is to make the entire selection process and series category/creation possible right from the “write-post” screen. But of course, I can’t promise a timeline for implementation of that right now.

  4. Hello


    Thanks for this great plugin.

    Though, one request, if I may.

    When I list posts belonging to the category using wp_postlist_display() in a single page it displays the most recent post at the bottom of the post list.

    Is there way of displaying it at the top of the list of posts?


  5. Hi Darren,

    Thank you very much for your help! 🙂

    Something crashed in my WP installation, so I couldn’t try to follow your suggestions still.

    I will put them into practice ASAP and I will come back then to report if it worked.

    Thanks again 🙂

  6. Spent alot of time configuring this thing, and doesnt really seem to work.

    I don’t get the point of this, it doesnt do anything beyond what your normal categories do. I looked at your example page, and performed all of your installation instructions and I don’t see the point.

    You mention in your instructions to copy a certain php folder to ‘templates’. What if your theme doesnt use a ‘templates’ folder.

    Im not seeing alot of use for this at all.

  7. incidentally the website link on the plugin that is supposed to provide additional documentation and help is defective;

    “404 error”

  8. OK,,I got it to work, and it looks nifty. I hope it helps me organize much better,, but my primary concern is the navigability of the pluging for the reader. If they are too confused then they may not continue reading.

    You have to post something in the Category for it to show up in the side-bar widgets section, and only then can readers ‘see’ the category page, then the sub-categories.

    Still configuring, I don’t hate the plugin yet? Great idea I might add.

  9. Ok, I think im getting the hang of this thing. One problem though, When following your instructions for managing the categories Icons, you state the following;

    “2. Go to options/category icons and then click on ?manage? link. In the corresponding table click ?select? for the category you wish to associate the logo with.”

    HOwever when I follow this, there is no “select” beside the tables and categories. Any ideas why this is?

  10. Rob,
    Thanks first of all for pointing out the 404 error with the link on the series options page. It’s been fixed with version 1.6.3

    As for the help you are requesting regarding the Category Icons Plugin. I have no idea why the “select” link isn’t showing up in your case. Are you sure you are in “options/Category Icons –> Manage” ? You won’t see a select link in the regular manage categories page.

    Again, one of the things I plan for a future release of this plugin is to scrap the use of Category Icons as something separate and integrate that functionality in with Organize Series. But that will have to come another day…

  11. Just to inform you that version 1.6.3 shows up in my Dashboard plugin list and can be activated. I have no clue ……

  12. @rob,
    Sorry for the delay in replying. Your screenie shows that you are in the right place. It is in the “action” column that the “select” and “remove” links should show up. Frankly, I’m at a loss as to why they aren’t showing up in your case. Since the Category Icon plugin isn’t something that I’ve developed I’m not familiar enough with it to suggest a possible fix. I even tried to duplicate the problem you’re having among all my different blogs and I wasn’t able to do so. Sorry, that’s the best I can do for now.

    Thanks for the update and for testing version 1.6.3 on your blog. I’m still clueless as to what happened there as I didn’t change anything in version 1.6.3 that would affect what you were mentioning before. The only thing I think it could have been is that somehow you got a corrupt .zip archive and thus creating the problems for you.

  13. Hi,
    Been using your plug in for a while now and really liking it. However, I ran into an issue recently. I changed some colors around on my blog which means my new text color is white. That works fine with your plug in, but for some reason it didn’t pick up the new background color. Which means the series plug in now shows up as white text on a white background, making it impossible to read. Any ideas?

  14. I have been out of town the last couple of days. I was thinking during the long drive to my folk’s place, that it is probably a bad download. Im going to un-install the plugin, and get rid of it. And try a re-download and install to see if it works.

    I uninstalled several plugins to see if there was a conflict with no successful results. I am thinking that if the re-download doesn’t work it may be my theme interfering.

    If that is the case, I am not sure if I will use the picture/logo thing although it would be extremely useful.

    Thanks for the help.


  15. @Gal:
    Okay here’s the solution to your problem. I don’t know how familiar you are with .css so I’ll walk you through as if you know very little. I am assuming that you know how to open up a .css file (in a text editor) and upload it etc.

    Before you begin it would be a good idea to browse to a website such as this one in order to be able to find out the hex values of the colors you want to use.

    1. The file you want to edit is orgSeries.css

    2. For the “This entry is part…” box you want to look for .seriesmeta (should be line 74). Next to background color: you’ll see the hex value for the current color. Change that to the hex value of the color you want to use instead for the background color of the box.

    3. To change the font color add color: #000000; on a new line right after font-size: .8em. If you do it exactly as I showed you you’ll end up with black as the color of your font. You can replace the “#000000” with the hex value of whatever color you want the font to be.

    4. For the box that lists other posts in the series you will have to add some .css instructions to override what it is inheriting from your theme’s .css for links. So, add:
    .seriesbox a {color: #000000;}
    .seriesbox a:hover {color: #777777;}
    on new lines at the end of the .css file. Again, you can replace the hex codes I give you in the examples with the hex codes for whatever color you want to use.

    That should work for you. Let me know how it turns out 🙂

  16. That worked perfectly! Thanks Darren for the detailed instructions (I needed them) and thank you again for the great plug in.

  17. Well, I re-installed but I am still not getting successful results here. I am including a list of the plugins I am currently using.

    Feedburner FeedSmith
    copyright feed
    Google Analyticator
    Category Icons
    Series Options
    Dashboard Editor
    IM Online
    Lightbox JS v2.03.2
    Sidebar Widgets
    Wordpress PDA
    WP-UserOnline Widget

    Ya, I know its a ton of stuff. Still though it might be my theme I am using as well.

    If anyone has any insight, I would appreciate it.


  18. @Gal – Your welcome!

    @Rob – the only thing I can suggest (and I know it’s a pain) is to leave Category Icons activated and disable your other plugins one by one to test if they affect the CatIcon plugin. You can rule out Organize Series causing a conflict with Category Icons 😉 .

    If that doesn’t point you in the direction of where the conflict is then I truly am at a loss (shrug).

  19. Hi Darren,

    First of all,

    the context:
    I asked you for some help about this

    You answered this.

    I followed these steps carefully, but when I reach the step 3, my icons dropdown list is empty, so I cannot select anything.

    What have I checked?
    First of all I deactivated all the plugins, even Akismet, to avoid any possible interaction.

    I have checked through FTP if the files where in the upload directory (they are).

    The uploading path is the default one (wp-content/upload)

    The folder attributes are 755, so WP should be able at least to read it, isn’t it?

    Any idea?

    Thanks again! 🙂

  20. Isilion,
    Two things:
    1. Are the graphic files in your wp-content/upload directory in the top-level? (i.e. they aren’t in any subdirectories)

    2. If you could provide a screenshot of your directory structure and the options settings of the category-icon options page that will help in troubleshooting for you. Sometimes words are just not adequate… 😉

    I will be away for three weeks starting Monday so my support will be very limited or non-existent for that time.

  21. You hit the problem, Darren!

    The problem was that WP is, by default, organizing your uploads into month- and year-based folders, so when I uploaded the pictures through the WP control panel, these fell in a subfolder, as you had guessed.

    Once I copied them in the wp-content/upload folder everyting worked fine.

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    If someone would need any further explanation or pictures I will be glad to provide them.

    Once I get the plugin up and working I will come back to report.

    Thanks again.

  22. I noticed a minor bug. I’ve been seeing 404 errors for list-manipulation.js in my logs every time I go into the options page.

    Looks like line 148 should have the path ../wp-includes/js/list-manipulation.js.

    Thanks for the great plugin! I just started using it on a site and it looks like it will work out well. The only feature I wish it had was to mark the current post in the list with a different css class so I can style it to indicate “you are here”.

  23. Thanks Doug for the comments!
    I’ve added the “list-manipulation” bug to a ticket.
    I’ve also added your feature request to the lineup – that’s a good suggestion.

    Unfortunately, the next release probably will be at least a month and a half away as I’m heading away for a week of holidays with my family before heading out to Zimbabwe, Africa for two weeks.

    Hopefully, all the plugin users can be patient till I get back 😉

  24. I used to have this plugin working fine, but moved blog and probably updated wp a few times and now can’t get it to work. I have the newest version of the plugin uploaded and activated. When I go to the options>series page I get the message “page not displayed.” It looks like the page that is trying to load is supposed to be in a “…wp-admin/orgSeries/orgSeries-options.php” location. Why would that php file be in a directory that doesn’t exist “orgSeries” as well as under “admin”?

  25. Darren:

    I have absolutely fallen in love with this thing. So much so, that I am willing to install a phpBB on my site for plugin troubleshooting. I will even manage it for you if you want. Now I don’t want to do without it. Category Icons work, everything works.

    One caveat, have you had any problems with the plugin on three column themese?

    when a person clicks on ‘Series’ under your category part of your blog they should see something like this:
    But on three column themes this is what you see:
    Is there something I need to be looking at here? Maybe the CSS is getting nerfed. The thing is that when I make changes to colors in CSS I am seeing the changes, but I dont see nice little series boxes like in the correct one.

  26. @Josh:
    Sorry, I’m not sure what’s happening in your case – it’s more than likely some sort of conflict with other plugins in your install.

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you find OrgSeries useful. I have no problem if you want to set up a phpBB forum but I can’t guarantee I’ll post on it. I’m planning on setting up some sort of forum on Unfolding Neurons this summer.

    “Out of the box” the default files will not display properly on three column themes. It’s not hard to tweak for three column themes but does require some understanding of the theming system in WordPress. Basically what you want to do is place the wp_serieslist_display() in the main “content” area of the page. Usually this is found in the index.php, or archives.php, or category.php file (depending on the theme). I’m hoping in future versions of the plugin to somehow figure out a way to automagically do this but for now it has to be done manually.

  27. WOW! you are worse than I am! I thought I was the only one who monitors the web on an almost 24/7 basis. 😉

    I was only offering the bulletin board service since it seems that there are a ton of people who enjoy using the plugin, and need answers. I was thinking it may be a better way to consolidate things.

    It helps to have support from the author, generally its indeed best to have the bulletin board here. But if I can help in any way please let me know, I am more than willing to donate what is left of my alloted 24 hrs. hehhe.

    I will mess with the three column portion and try to school myself on how it works, and post some kind of fix if I run across one.

    Thank you so much for your work, I really, really like this thing!

  28. I need to put the entire-
    function wp_serieslist_display()
    function in the content area?

  29. Okay I’ll try to explain it:
    You’ll need to do a new category-xx.php file for the theme and NOT direcly edit existing theme files or you’ll mess up their layout.

    If you open the category-xx.php file I included with the plugin you’ll see the layout for most single column themes. Open the index.php or category.php or archives.php file for your theme and compare with mine.

    What you’ll want to do is copy the layout and code to your new category-xx.php file. Then locate the “WordPress Loop” code with the wp_serieslist_disply(); tag. Make sure you keep the layout structure intact and only replace the WordPress Loop.

    I hope that helps explain it a little bit better.

  30. Hi Darren,

    There is a slight problem with your distribution. Though the install section of your text says “install it in an orgSeries subfolder”, it unpacks as a “organize-series” folder. Of course, I moved it to the plugins folder, without giving it the proper name…

    Since I copied it as is, the plugin couldn’t initialize the basic options (it couldn’t find orgSeries-options.php, which is mentionned line 92 in orgSeries.php). It led me to the same [Unknown column ‘post_’ in ‘order clause’] error Jim had in the past. If you can rename the folder inserted in your zip, it could save some time to other people.

    Apart from that, I was about to program the same kind of plugin, you are (eventually ;)) saving me a lot of time ! Thanks for your work !

  31. @Sylvain
    thanks for pointing out the problem with my distribution…I’m assuming that distro you got was from WordPress.org/plugins? (I checked my local distro and the file structure appears okay).

    I’m going to have to see if I can get that fixed on the WordPress end as the .zip file is compiled automatically.

    In the meantime…if users download the file from here they should have no problems 🙂

  32. Okay, I’ve got a fix – sort of. This only applies to the archive download from the WordPress Plugin Repository. They automatically zip the file which includes the root directory there (organize-series). I’ve put all the files in the orgSeries sub-directory which can be copied to the wp-content/plugins directory of the local WordPress install after unpacking it.

    Unfortunately this does not allow simple unpacking on the server – when I get a chance I’ll try and fix things better.

  33. Thanks for writing a great plugin! One suggestion: it would be helpful if in the series index box you could apply a special css style to the current article and not make it a link. That way I can make the current article title a different color so that people can see where they currently are in the series.

  34. I just tried to subscribe to the feed for the comments on this post, but it redirects to the main feedburner feed for the site.

  35. Hi Ken,
    Comments feeds should be fixed.

    Thanks for your suggestion. I’m trying to move all feature requests, bug reports, and support requests to the forums I set up. Do you mind resubmitting your feature request there? It’ll make it easier for me to track things and for users to find what they are looking for.

  36. Hi!
    Tried this plugin and it looks ok, but haven’t time to reorganize blog. Didn’t installed category icons plugin. After deactivating your plagin noticed that all the site changed: all the icons in other plugins disapeared. Installed a category icon and deactivated cann’t find a solution. Help please! The icons are on their places in plugin folders but displaying them doesn’t works.

  37. The problem was with plugins subdir. Was some kind of access problem. Don’t know why or how it is connected with this plugin (de)actiavation.

  38. Hi, sounds like a great plugin, and I even have it installed, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I have created an (unsightly) test series on our site (www.nexgenprofootball.net), but the box does not seem to be popping up anywhere within the post. Am i missing something? the test posts are “test” and “test2″… a quick attention to this would be appreciated as we are live. 🙂

  39. Great plugin, installed and works efforlessly.

    I also have in-series plugin, what I like about that is the ability to set the sequence (without tampering with post dates) and that it finishes each post with a link to the next post in the series. Would be better still if it could use the title of the next post in the link text as well. This makes a great feature in building silo sites using wordpress.

    I saw your remark on the in-series site about asking for changes, well, here they are as far as I am concerned.



  40. Thanks for the comments Robert. Yes, I noticed Travis had made some great additions to his In-Series plugin. I’m hoping in the next major version of Organize Series to add some of the features you mentioned.

    BTW, nice implementation of both plugins on your site!

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  42. Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/osn/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/orgSeries/orgSeries.php on line 188

    Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/osn/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/orgSeries/orgSeries.php on line 173
    This entry is part 0 of in the series, Sharia law.

    I get these errors on the output of the page, I don’t see what I’ve done wrong yet. I’m using WP 2.3.1

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