1. Chaz,
    Organise Series is currently incompatible with WordPress 2.3+ I’m in the midst of coding Organize Series 2.0 which along with making it compatible with the new taxonomy schema introduced with WP2.3 it will add many new features as well. You can read about the rewrite here.

    The rewrite is going slower than I expected only because I haven’t had as much time to spend on it as I would like. However I am hoping to have it done before the end of this year at least.

  2. Darren, that’s good news. I was going to come here to say that I found your plugin very useful, but alas, I upgraded to WordPress 2.3 and now it’s no longer working. I hope the rewrite goes well!

  3. I hope the rewrite is going well! I’m still eagerly awaiting the newest version of your plugin so that it will work with WordPress 2.3. On my blog, I’ve begun writing about separate things in long continuous series, and your plugin was by far the best way to manage all of that. Trying to keep “Next post in series” and “Prev post in series” links updated manually is a huge pain.

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  5. Hi dude!
    Your plugin really roxx! I also used the Skippy In-Series-stuff but just stumbled upon your new release and just love it. One thing I would’ve loved to see: an option to assign a post to a series via the manage post-menu. Maybe you know the wp-category plugin where you can quickly assign a category with help of AJAX. Something like that for series would be so wonderful!!!
    Thanks alot anyhow – great work.

  6. Hey Onkel,
    Thanks for the kind comments, I like your suggestion but it’ll take a lot of work to implement (at least for me anyway 😉 ) Ajax/j-script isn’t something I’m an expert with. Still, I’ll add that to my to-do list for future versions.

  7. Hi Darren! Thanks for the quick answer. Here is the Link for the WP-Cats Plugin: http://uwmike.com/wordpress/wp-cats/

    Actually, the ajax-stuff is not really necessary. A checkbox to assign multiple posts to the selected series would be enough for the start. What do u think? U already have that neat dropdown menu in the manage-post-page 😉

    Just for the moment.. could you post the SQL/PHP-code for adding a specific post ID to a specific series so that I can do this quickly via myphpadmin..? Big thanks!

  8. Hi Onkel,
    If you post your request in the support forums I’ll post the code for you. I’m just trying to keep all that sort of stuff away from the comments 🙂

    Thanks for the linky, I managed to find it sometime yesterday and I’ve been using wp-cats. It’s a neat little plugin!

  9. I like the looks of Organize Series and would probably switch to it from In Series, which I have been using with great success for quite a while, but with WordPress 2.5 when I try to use Organize Series with cformsII (v. 8.02), the links to cformsII administration pages give a 404 error. As soon as I deactivate Organize Series CFormsII works properly again.

    cformsII is a much more important plugin for me, so I cannot use Organize Series and for now am sticking with In Series.

    Is there a way around this? I really like the looks of Organize Series betterfor many applications.

  10. @Ron,
    I normally would request you to post this on the support forums but the registration and login is borked atm so I’ll respond your question here.

    There probably is a way around this but without more information I really don’t know where to being looking for a solution. I’ll give it a go on my blog and see if I can reproduce.

  11. Well, it’s clear my plugin is the culprit but I haven’t been able to figure out why yet lol. I’m off to bed, but rest assured I’ll nip this bug – it affects any plugins that add their own main menu and submenu pages. Puzzling.

  12. Okay, I’ve found the culprit and made a fix. After testing everything works for cformsIII on my end.

    I’ve released a new minor version of orgSeries (2.0.2) including this fix if you want to redownload (or use the automatic installer via 2.5). After installing this new version everything should work great for you!

  13. @Brad
    If you could post more details about what happens to post excerpts in the Support Forums that will be helpful for me in knowing what might be causing the issue you’re experiencing.

    Thanks for the comment!

  14. Hello,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful plug in. I’ve been using it for a while and just upgraded to the latest version. I have a couple of issues though, and one suggestion.

    1. When I click on any of the series links in my WP admin pages (for example, series link under manage), I see the following error messages:

    Warning: main(orgSeries_includes.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/gjosefs1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/orgSeries/orgSeries-manage.php on line 4

    Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required ‘orgSeries_includes.php’ (include_path=”) in /home/gjosefs1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/orgSeries/orgSeries-manage.php on line 4

    Any idea on why?

    2. The new install broke a lot of the old links because they no longer include “category” in the link. I fixed this manually but you may want to include a note about this somewhere. It wasn’t clear from the import instructions that this will happen.

    3. Suggestion – Series no longer appear under categories. This is good because it eliminates clutter in the categories section, but now I can’t show off all the series I wrote on my site’s main page. What do you think of some option or feature that would put your series into a widget I could then add to the sidebar?

    Thanks again for the great plug in.


  15. Hi Gal, my response:
    1. Thanks for posting your bug in the support forums – I answered there.

    2. During the install process and upgrading routine for importing old series information there was the option to leave the previous categories alone and not delete them – this would have left the old category links alone. Sorry you missed that. I’ll take another look at the import instructions and see if I can make it clearer. Thanks for the suggestion.

    3. There are widgets you can use if you have a widget enabled theme for showing off your series. You can also use < ?php wp_list_series(); ?> To create an ordered list of the series on your blog. There are parameters you can use in that function – and I’m sorry I don’t have docs yet for that function but if you feel comfortable enough you can take a gander at the series-taxonomy.php file and wp_list_series() is located on line 258.

    You can also use < ?php latest_series(); ?> to show off the latest series you’ve published and the output of that function is controlled by the token template you customize in the series options page.

    You can also explore the series-template-tags.php file for all the various series display functions for manual insertion into your theme files if you want more direct control of this. All the functions in that file are described via inline docs. Eventually, I’ll be covering all of them in my Organize Series Usage Series but for now that will do.

  16. Hi, any chance that this plugin will support some method of ordering posts, say by resetting the date/time to be 1 minute apart or something? The reasons are:
    1. If you’re writing a series of articles, sometimes you go back and add to the series because a reader brought up a point in a comment. If this results in another article, then you have to play the fun little game of manually setting a date/time to make the post appear in the correct order in the series.
    2. If you pre-write articles, you have to either load them in reverse order, or if you don’t know that (or forget like I just did yesterday) you have to play the date/time setting game with every single one argg.

    So for those reasons, being able to set up a series, show navigation and set the order of the posts in it all together would be VERY handy.

    In-Series has this feature, but isn’t supported anymore (and it has an issue on my 2.5 install). So I thought I’d ask for the feature for OrgSeries, since it works on 2.5.

    Thanks for helping to improve WordPress for all of us non-coders!

  17. Hey DavidA,
    Organize Series doesn’t sort posts in the series by date anymore. So you don’t have to go through that routine you described. You can even change the part of a post in a series when editing it and the rest of the parts in the series will automatically realign themselves relative to the change. When you edit a post if you don’t change the part it will stay at the current part.

    Hope that helps?

  18. Also, some changes would be nice regarding the title of the feed:

    orgSeries.php, line 200
    function add_series_wp_title( $title, $sep = “»” ) {
    if (is_series()){
    $series = single_series_title(”, false);
    $title = ” $sep $series Series”;
    return $title;

    orgSeries.php, last line
    add_filter(‘wp_title’, ‘add_series_wp_title’, 10, 2);

    Thanks for a wonderful plugin!

  19. Thanks Andrei for the comments and the suggested fixes. If I get a chance tonight I’ll add them in.

  20. I tried turning off display list of series on post pages, and adding php wp_postlist_display() after the_content to my single.php, and it is showing nothing…

  21. Two more things:

    orgSeries-rss.php should leave out the series_ns function and it’s usage. Why? It does not validate.

    Also the series:name doesn’t validate added in get_series_rss function.

    Try it with http://feedvalidator.org/

    That’s one thing – validation!

    The other is that you have a call to an undefined function – get_the_series_atom, in orgSeries-rss.php .
    Instead it’s just another call to get_the_series_rss


  22. Hi, I love the plugin and just wanted to ask about one thing. On a post in a series, if you click on the name of the series to see the other posts, while the page is changing some weird black stuff shows up on the screen for a second. How can I make it not do that?

  23. I’ve been using WP 2.6b2 for a while, but just added a post to a series last night. 2.6 includes revisions of posts saved as separate ID numbers. As a result, the post, which had been revised 3 times, that was to be included in a series was listed 4 times, with a link to each revision being included in the list of posts within the series. Have you come across this yet?

  24. Hi Ben,
    Nope, I haven’t been testing orgSeries with WP 2.6 yet but suspected something might turn up with the revisions. I’m going to try working on a fix this week because I know 2.6 is close to being released. But no guarantees.

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