1. Hi,
    I’ve installed the last version 2 of organizing series plugin for WP 2.5.1. To create a new serie ist no problem, similar to creating a category. But now I’m helpless: in write/edit a post, I do not see any box to asign a post to a serie. Do You have any idea?

  2. Orginize Series doesn’t work properly on 2.6.

    In fact this morning it has killed my VPS and had to be completely disabled. Basically it started using so much memory and CPU that my VPS crushed.


  3. Organize Series v2.07 doesn’t work with WP 2.6. Hope for a bug fix here. The hostname url in settings and manage sections got duplicated. Have not discover other bugs yet.

  4. Thanks Tom,
    Can you confirm that Organize Series works okay with 2.6 with Revisions turned off (would save me time testing myself)

  5. I just discovered this plugin and I feel great and very useful. But I do not understand English (I am using the Google translator to write this), let alone understand PHP, so I find it very difficult to translate.
    Is there any possibility that is translated into Spanish in the future? Or is there someone who has already translated?

    Thank you very much.

  6. I can confirm the bug reported by Marius.
    When may we have an update for WP 2.6?


    The problem lies in orgSeries.php
    function series_organize_options
    line 161,163,166 (might not be exact)

    replace SERIES_LOC with SERIES_DIR . ‘/’

    That will fix the links.
    I’m trying to see what happens with the revisions and all.


    This fix doesn’t work retroactive.
    That means that if you have 5 revisions and 2 posts in a series.. the next post will be numbered 8th in the series…

    But.. after putting this fix, no revision should be numbered as part of the series, and thus the series will keep numbering posts the right way. No guarantees though.

    File series-taxonomy.php
    function wp_set_post_series

    line 385,
    after $post_ID = (int) $post_ID;

    $post = get_post($post_ID);
    if ($post->post_type == ‘revision’){

  9. Made it work with 2.6.
    I replaced EVEY instance of include that had a “built” path to the file with an include (“requiredphp”).
    That way the plugin stopped to look in the wrong places and works just well.

  10. First, thanks for creating/sharing this plugin! I’ve got it installed on a site running WP 2.5 and am getting an Internal Server Error when I try to create a series. Specifically, it says:

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

    The weird thing is that if I am writing a post, it lets me create a series in the sidebar. But then if I go to the Manage series tab, click on edit, and then click “Edit Series” I get the same internal server error.

    Any ideas?

  11. Could someone send me the beta version? I’ve been really excited about this plugin since I found it (several months ago) but haven’t been able to implement the changes suggested…
    rpophessagr (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. hi,
    thanks for your great plugin. Everthings works!
    I have a questions:
    If a postings is in a series. How can i that?
    I need something like $inseries or so to use a if else…
    Sorry for my bad Englisch.

    Greetings TIm

  13. This plugin doesn’t work correctly with the revision system in WordPress 2.6.
    Do you plan to fix this issue?


  14. Hi!

    I cannot access my Series via the Setting or Manage menu. I get this error:

    The requested URL /www.[myurl].com/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/organize-series/orgSeries-options-new.php was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Can you help?

  15. Thank you very much for your great plugin.

    Please update your puglin is prior for the entire planet that wordpress updating

    I never more update my site to a new wp version before know if your plugin is updated too!

    Sorry for my poor “english”

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