1. I’m not having any problems overall with the plug-in with 2.6.5. In fact, I’ve switched from In-Series to this just today because I really like the features and the subtlety possible with it.

    However, I noticed two things. One just a curiosity that may have an easy answer I’m not seeing; the other just a concern of functionality that, again, I may just not be seeing.

    I see no way to actually put any kind of header or introductory paragraph on the /series page itself where it nicely lists all the series in the boxes. Very nicely done, actually, though I think seeing the listed out posts would be cool too (and that may just be a matter of fiddling with the code provided). But if I attempt to add, say, an introduction (“This is all the series on this site.”) then it shows up above every individual series block.

    Second, I’m not seeing any changes at all when I select the various options for “Order by series part, Order by date, Ascending, Descending”. Is this supposed to do something somewhere? If so, where? I’ve checked everything I know to check and don’t see changes made in the various options. Personally, I’d like to be able to see the whole series page /series/xyz as either first post at the top of the page (Ascending Order) or the last post at the top of the page (Descending Order). I seem to have picked up the impression that was the point of those options. I may have mistook that notion though.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Sorry. I should have mentioned that before. I’m using version 2.0.8b3.

    Did I mention that I REALLY like this plug-in?

  3. Alan,
    The Series Widget has a selectable checkbox for this. If it’s checked then the widget will automatically show the list of other posts in the series when a post being displayed is part of a series. It’s kind of cludgy atm but it does work.

  4. @bishop
    You are right about what you should expect with the “sort series by” options. However, my tests with it show it’s working as expected. Try downloading the latest development version and see if that fixes it. If not, then I suspect there is another plugin that is conflicting with OrgSeries. The only way to root it out is to try disabling plugins one by one. If you find out there is a conflict let me know which plugin it is and that’ll help me troubleshoot (when I get time that is!)

  5. Thank you – missed that. It is a bit cludgy, but I can work around it 😉

    thanks so much for this plugin – In Series is no more – so all I have to do is work out a quick way of redoing them using your taxonomy approach. (Which is an excellent idea BTW).

  6. It’s a very good plugin! 😀

    One question: how can I put the table of content (the list of the post in the serie) at the end of the post ?


  7. Thanks for your work on your plugin!

    I’m using your plugin, 2.0.8 with WP 2.6.5

    I created a 5 part series and the plugin worked fine.

    When I pre-posted them out to future dates, and would edit each post with new information, crazy things started happening.

    The “series part” number would change or completely disappear, and the “select a series” sometimes would go to default “not a part of series”. Both actions would occur on their own.

    So now I have in my draft list a 5 part series and they read:

    part2 no series
    part1 1 of 0 of the series
    part3 2 pf 0 of the series
    part4 2 pf 0 of the series
    part5 2 pf 0 of the series

    Is this a bug or is there something wrong in my WP, maybe the browser cache in Firefox?

    I’m currently using it at my customer’s website, http://www.biblestudymission.org

    Thanks for your consideration.


    1. That sounds like a bug, Joe. I’ll look into it when I get a chance. In the meantime you may just have to add series information only when you’re ready to post. Sorry.

  8. Loving your plugin. I am going to see if it’s easy to make changes to the series icon code. i’d like to just be able to choose items from the media library for the icons.

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  10. Thank you! It is great to find a plug-in that behaves and acts *exactly* as one would expect – thank you again and God bless!

  11. hi, when this plugin is activated it kills the Sideblog plugin’s echo:

    Of course that plugin is listed as only compatible up to 2.5 so i’m sure it’s something with that plugin. They’re both useful but I’m already running the other plugin,and don’t want my ‘asides’ to suddenly appear in my archives. I’d have to set everything to Unpublished. Grrrrrrr. Thanks though!

  12. Hi,

    Great plugin – thanks!

    A minor problem – I’m running WP 2.7.1, a brand new install. I’ve got TinyMCE Advanced plugin as well, and the 2 are not working together – yours worked fine before I added TinyMCE Advanced.

    The warning/error messages I get occur when trying to add new pages. I’ve copied/pasted below. The XXXXXX replaces part of the filepath as reported by my host server – this is for security purposes…

    Warning: require() [function.require]: Unable to access ../../../wp-content/plugins/XXXXXX/martinschmalenbach.com/wp-content/plugins/organize-series/series-utility.php in /XXXXXX/martinschmalenbach.com/wp-content/plugins/organize-series/orgSeries.php on line 105

    Any ideas?



    1. I looked at the line in the file Martin. The only thing I can think of is that the TinyMCE Advanced plugin must be using the same $plugin_path variable as Organize Series. Try entering…

      $plugin_path = ”;

      at line 73 of orgSeries.php and see if that fixes it.

  13. Hi Darren,

    Just wondering if OS 2.0.8 has the functionality to order the series (under “Tools > Series”).

    Because if one is using the series widget, the series is automatically ordered by descending series ID.

    FYI, we’re using OS 2.0.8b2, the beta right before the 2.0.8 release.

    Or maybe you can tell me a way to order it?

    Thanks for the great plugin!

    1. Hi Ray,
      No, currently orgSeries does not have an easy way to order the series on the series toc. There probably is a way to do it but I’m afraid I don’t have the time to investigate for you. Sorry!

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