1. There is a strange – and imho wrong behavior – with the Publish Manager.
    As all series are set to ignore by default, publishing them reset the publishing date of all articles to the current day.
    This is okay for new series, but absolutely not for old ones.

    Conclusion, I had to deactivate the plugin to avoid 404 or total mess in the publishing dates.

  2. OMG this plugin is GREAT!

    It is one of the most criative and also complete-fetured I’ve ever seen!

    Gratz on developing it and THANKS for sharing with us! I for sure will use it 😀

  3. Hi, great work so far. I like and use your plugin.

    Unfortunately there is a minor, yet for me major, issue with it:
    the admin pages of it use the blog-url to define the form-actions, like action="http://mypage/wp-content/plugins/organize-series/orgSeries-manage.php" with blog url set to "http://mympage".
    But my WP install is configured to use https only for the admin pages (for security reasons of course), which results in failure trying to update any configuration via http.
    Is it possible that you change the generation of the form action url to a more relative way, like " action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>", which would work with http and https?
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    1. Hi narcanti, thanks for the suggestions – makes sense and I'll take a look at it for the next release. However, in the future I'd appreciate it if this kind of comment would be submitted on the Support Forums. Thanks!

    2. Hi narcanti, thanks for the suggestions – makes sense and I'll take a look at it for the next release. However, in the future I'd appreciate it if this kind of comment would be submitted on the Support Forums. Thanks!

  4. Wonderful plugin – exactly what I was looking for! Well, almost – here is a suggestion for a simple additional feature: What I wanted to achieve was having a serie prepared and published all parts at once (works great with the Organize Series Publisher), but only show part 1 of the series in the Loop (otherwise, the multiple parts of the series is filling up the front page of the blog and pushes all other articles back).

    So what I did – and that's my suggestion to inplement that as a feature – is the following:

    Put parts 2 – part x (but not part 1) into a specific category and excluce this category from being displayed in the loop ( query_posts($query_string . '&cat=-390'); ). while "390" stands for the category's ID.

    Use plugin Hide Categories (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/hide-categori… to exclude this category from being displayed anywhere.

    And that's it. Works great, but would work even more comfortable if Organize Series does the category and exclude category thing automatically, as a check box option in the admin menu 😉

    Again, great plugin. Thanks very much for this!


  5. I just started using the plugin. Short learning curve! Okay, now that I got myself out of trouble — how to I set a 'border="0"' tag on the IMG for the series thumbnails? I don't want the thumbnails to show up with a link border around them Thanks so much. Gregg

    1. Hi Greg, I normally refuse to answer support requests in here (instead directing people to here). However, I'm in a good mood today 😉

      To get rid of a border you could wrap the <code>%series-icon%</code> or <code>%series-icon-linked%</code> tokens in the Series Options page with a <code><div class="imgchange"></code> and then in your style sheet do something like <code>div.imgchange img { border:none; }</code>.

  6. Darren,

    Thanks for the work on this plugin. I just downloaded it and it looks like it's going to work great for me. I had used In-Series a while back, but had so many problems with it I had to abandon it. So I'm looking forward to yours.

    One quick question. I just posted my first article that I tried to use the "Ignore" status. As I read your notes, what I thought that meant is I could publish posts as normal and they would show up on the site and I could include them in a series, but none of the series information would show up until I published the series. Well, the post went up on the site fine, but the series TOC also appeared. Did I do something wrong?

    Don't bother checking my site URL, I deleted the series until I could get this figured out. Thanks for any tips you can offer.

    1. Hi Dave,
      The "ignore" status is a feature of the Series Publisher plugin included with Organize Series. Basically that means for the purpose of the Series Publisher plugin just ignore this series. So it is acting as expected.

  7. I’m grooving this plugin. Here are a few minor issues I’ve found, which you might want to address.

    My “recent posts” widget only showed 2 entries on each ‘series’ listing page (…com/series/…).

    The “series widget” in the admin area is significantly wider than the ‘sidebar’ container.

    In the settings I have to apply “/series” (note the /) to this field: “Series Table of Contents URL” so that it becomes domain.com/series not domain.comseries.

    The <> needs a space from the title. I tried to do it at ‘Series Post Navigation Template’ though had no luck there.

  8. One other thing. When at the post admin page, clicking on a ‘series’ title link leads me out of the admin to the series page. I expected it to act like clicking on a ‘category’ or ‘tag’ title link that narrows down the post listing.

    I prefer it to act the same way as categories and tags. Food for thought.

  9. Just wanted to say, great plugin. I only had one problem: when saving a part of a series as a draft and publishing later, it became part 3 of 2. At your forum the member "kitchenmouse" made the following: deleting that part from the series, updating the article, adding again to the series and updating (the already published) article to the series again. Than it became 3 of 3. As I registered at your forum (tomtom24) but it doesn't do anything after login, I write it here as it might help others as well. Thanks for that really great plugin
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  10. Type your comment here Hello (Sorry for my english)
    I was looking for a plug-and very grateful for what you did and it helped many people!

    There is a desire to have a plugin for Windows Live Writer. This program is used by millions of bloggers and will be very grateful if you will be spared to go after the publication of posts again in WordPress and make changes.

    1. Sorry but that's something that is outside the scope of my skills presently and I don't have the time to learn how to do a plugin for Live writer. Great idea though and I'd love to see someone else write something up!

  11. Apologies if you've addressed this already, but I can't find it if you have. Is there a direct link to the most recent page of a given series? I'm hoping to add a "Go to most recent page" link to the novel I'm posting via your wonderful plugin. Thanks!

    – E.D. Lindquist
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  12. WPML conflicts with the Organize Series plugin
    After I install the WPML plugin, Organize Series stop working
    I use WordPress MU 2.9.2
    When I press I series link like "seriescomputer" I got the error:
    ~Not Found Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here.~

    Can you help?
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  13. Hi!

    I just installed this plugin, and I noticed that when I click on Quick Edit on a post, it removes the tags on that post in the Post Tags field. If I go via the "full" edit, the tags remain. It's only in the quick edit mode that the tags are removed.

    WP Version 3.0.1, version Version 2.1.7 of the plugin.

    1. Hi Julie,
      I\’m aware of that issue. It is fixed in the next version of Organize Series which I\’m hoping to release before the end of next week (if all goes well with testing and some other super secret sauce I\’ve been working on). Incidentally, support requests should be posted on the support forums

  14. Looks like there\’s some sort of conflict with the plugins. The code you\’re seeing from Organize Series is a namespace I set up for the \”series:\” tag in WordPress atom feeds (so series can be set). I don\’t provide free support for sorting out conflicts. Also, I generally don\’t (look how well that\’s working) reply to support requests in the comments. You can put support requests in the support forums

  15. This plugin is exactly what I was looking for. Espeically once I get the formatting to work properly. It caused my side bar to appear below my single page posts rather than next to… Any tips would be very helpful.

    I also had the thought… it would be a fun twist if you could add being able to comment on a series rather than individual posts.

  16. When I installed this plugin I noticed that my custom post type permalink structure started causing 404 page not found.

    Example: myURL.com/staff/staff-name generates a 404 error

    If I unistall Organize Series and rebuild my permalinks all works again.
    I did try to rebuild permalinks with the plugin installed – that did not work.

    Any thoughts

    1. Hi! I\’ve heard about this issue before and usually its because of a conflict with another plugin that does redirects. It may be fixed in the new version I\’m hoping to release soon.

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