Catalyst Day Two – Dave Ramsey, “The Momentum Theorem”

Catalyst – Day Two got off to another incredible start.  I had decided I’d get up early and get to the doors about one and a half hours before the official start (wanted to make sure I got a good seat again) and was incredibly surprised to find that about 1000 other people got up earlier than me!  NUTS!  Nevertheless, I still got a good seat (I actually managed to snag the same seat I had the day before).

Among the speakers for Day two was Priscilla Shirer, Dave Ramsey, Chuck Swindoll, Louie Giglio and Andy Stanley.  There were also interviews from other folks including Margaret Feinberg.  The interview with Margaret was kind of neat because it kind of came across as a commercial for her new book – in a way it was but then Reggie Joiner announced that this was not a marketing ploy – they wanted to interview Margaret for the book because every attendee from Catalyst was getting a free copy of “Scouting the Divine“,  even better, the upper section of the stadium (where I was sitting) were to get signed copies.  Kind of neat, I’m looking forward to reading the book!

As I stated in the first post in this series, I’m not going to blog on every speaker at Catalyst but only the ones that made a significant impact on me.  Next up is Dave Ramsey.  Dave introduced a concept called the Momentum Theorem, here’s the notes:  (Oh and by the way, I was thinking about an article I wrote about keeping momentum a while ago while listening to Dave speak – feel free to check it out!)


  • When you have momentum, you LOOK – better than you are. When you don’t have momentum you ARE better than you look.
  • MOMENTUM is created. It does not randomly occur.

Definition of Momentum: Focused Intensity, over Time, multiplied by God, equals Unstoppable Momentum!


Focus is lost for two reasons – FEAR and GREED

“A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways – James 1:8

Focus means you don’t look at anything outside of what you’re focused on

Rick Warren calls focus being INTENTIONAL

Stephen Covey calls focus being PROACTIVE


Pour intensity into things that really MATTER

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might – Ecclesiastes 9:10

Intensity causes things to MOVE

Over Time

“If I persist long enough, I will WIN” –Og Mandino

Run the race in such a way as to win the prize – 1 Corinthians 9:24

The TORTOISE wins the race every time.

Multiplied by God

You and I are finite. God is INFINITE

He is in CHARGE, and He carries you in the palm of His hand.

What is impossible with men is possible with God. – Luke 18:27

Get PLUGGED in to Him as a power source, and your momentum will become unstoppable!

Find out what God is doing and get in on it – Henry Blackaby

To wrap up, what impacted me the most with what Dave had to say?  What he said about intensity.  I consider myself a pretty intense guy but sometimes I get intense about the wrong things.  It’s okay to be intense but it’s better to be intense with what really matters.

What I tweeted the past week.

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  • What catalyst does is mix your heart and your mind together and adds a god portion of getupanddosomethingaboutit #cat09 #
  • What catalyst does is mix your heart and your mind together and adds a good portion of getupanddosomethingaboutit #cat09 #
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Catalyst Day One – Francis Chan

It's all about Jesus
If you do a cursory check through the various blog posts on Catalyst you will find very little said about Francis Chan‘s session that wrapped up day one of Catalyst.  I find that odd because I found his session to be one of the most powerful of the day.  Although Francis Chan has become a really well known leader because of his book Crazy Love, he didn’t spend the time this session introducing any new stuff or great leadership nuggets.  Instead he lead the Catalyst group (and with his leading you really felt a part of the group) in a time of communion and centering on Christ.  It was simply powerful.  Here are three things that stood out from this time for me.

Francis just radiated joy…

There was no escaping the incredible joy and happiness evident in his speech and his face.   As he shared you could witness one who’s life has been so saturated in the presence of God that it spills out of him.  His joy is contagious.

“Jesus, it’s all about Jesus.”

Sure, it’s been said, and we already know it but there was a Holy Spirit, joy-filled, alive serious powerful humility behind the way Francis Chan said it.  It was good to be reminded after a day of intense teaching and challenging moments that it IS all about Jesus!  We must never forget that everything we do as leaders, everything we say as Christians, everything we believe in, everything we hope for is all about Jesus.

“The presence of the Almighty God is in this room right now, that is so intense. Just stop and think about it.”

As Francis said these words there was a Holy quiet that descended upon the room.  A quiet brought on by the recognition of the one we serve being there amongst us.  It is so easy in big events like this to talk about God, to talk about ministry, to talk about leadership, to even say that we do what we do because of the Father’s call, the Son saving us, and the Holy Spirit’s enabling power but then forget that He is present with us.  I did stop and think about it.  The awe in that moment was palpable.

When I got back to my room after that session there was the afterglow of a Holy moment and I had to just spend time talking with my Father before heading off to bed.  The intimacy of the moment was incredible!  I know you probably won’t ever read this Francis, but thank you for allowing Jesus to lead us through you in such an incredible unforgettable moment.

(picture above from bemky)

Catalyst Day One – Rob Bell

Rob Bell was the first catalyst speaker to begin his session by opening in prayer.  I’m not saying that is necessarily a fault of all the other speakers but it WAS something that stood out for me.  It was an invitation for the Holy Spirit to be at work in and through him as he spoke to us and I do believe God answered his prayer.

Here’s a few things that stood out for me:

I was recently talking to a pastor who said he wanted to quit…. So I asked him to draw a pie chart of what he does every week. He had been a pastor for a year and wanted to quit every day…. So I asked if he practiced Sabbath.

Umm  yeah, there was silence in the auditorium after that statement.  Funny thing is, this isn’t the first time it’s been said or asked.  There’s gounds of speakers and writers that have promoted the teaching of the sabbath and yet when Rob asked that question you could still feel the conviction in the room.  I know I make my best effort to take my day off as my day off but lately I’ve been slipping on that.  When you skip the sabbath, then motivation and energy skips you.  Sabbath is important.

Is bigger better?

Another simple question that really we all know the answer to (well at least we know what the answer should be!) but once again by posing this simple question Rob unveiled an attitude that still needs dealt with.  Rob shared from John 6 where Jesus gave some expectations and some people chose to leave; he shared from Luke 21 about the story of the widow who gave all she had vs. the rich people who gave much but really were giving little.  What a paradox that in the eyes of Jesus what was more really wasn’t more and what was less was actually more.  The way God measures things isn’t the way we measure things!

Something else that stood up for me was when Rob started sharing about the 10 commandments (Exodus 20).  He highlighted that the first 9 commandments all deal with external things.  Things that if not followed provide ample easy evidence of them not being followed.  However, the 10th commandment is internal – there’s really no way for anybody to know whether someone has broken that commandment (outside of God that is!).  Here was Rob’s point, the 10th commandment is a “reward” – what that means is that if you follow the first 9 rules then you won’t have a problem with the 10th because you won’t want anyone else’s life!  You will be completely enthralled with the life God has given you in Him.

Another statement that really impacted me:

If you have a burden of feeling like you have not accomplished enough, God wants to set you free from that. Jesus wants you to simply enjoy the place that you are at and the work that is in front of you.

If I’m honest with myself this is one area that I really need to be set free from.  I’m a perfectionist.  I’m the kind of guy that when I get started on something important (or at least what I think is important) I tackle it like a bulldog and won’t let go.  Part of the reason I’m that way is because I have always had this niggling little thought in the back of my mind that I haven’t accomplished enough.  There’s always something else I need to do.  When Rob said this I almost started bawling.  The Holy Spirit did something significant in my life through that statement as I released that burden.  It’s a statement that’s going to stick with me for a long time and I’m sure something that I’ll be reminding myself in the days ahead as I’m tempted to take up that thought again.

Another area that really hit home was this statement:

Our children pick up on what really matters to us without us saying a word.

To really grasp the significance of what that means Rob set it up by asking the following questions,

Does your spouse get your very best, or does your spouse get what is left over from the church? Do your kids get your very best, or do they get the scraps?

Ouch!  Again, you could feel the conviction in the air and once again I felt the lock fall off the gate between what I knew in my mind and what I felt in my heart.  It forced me to recognize the scraps I’ve been feeding my family.  And it created a determination in me for that to stop.  It forced me to shudder at what my kids think what really matters to me.  And it challenged me to change that.

There has been much controversy over some of the things Rob Bell has said and written, but in this session God spoke through him and hit me to the core.  Do any of these statements or questions impact you?

For more perspectives on Rob Bell’s session you can check out:

Catalyst Day One – Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell is the author of The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers, talked about the danger of overconfidence at his catalyst session.  I found it hard to hear most of his session but there were a few things that stood out for me:

Incompetence irritates me, but overconfidence scares me. Incompetent people rarely have the opportunities to make mistakes that greatly affect things. But overconfident leaders and experts have the dangerous ability to create disaster.

How much disaster could be averted if leader’s didn’t get so overconfident?  A scriptural parallel to this might be King Saul, or even King David and his decision to conduct a census of the number of men able to fight in Israel (disobeying God in the process).

In times of crisis we don’t need bold and daring decision making from our leaders we need bold humility!

Reggie Joiner joined the stage and had two questions for Malcolm.   In his answers, Malcolm revealed that the primary warning sign of overconfidence is when you stop listening to others (incidentally, this reminded me very much of a chapter I read in Andy Stanley’s book, “Principle of the Path” a really good read).  Malcolm also made the statement that when a leader can no longer do everything all by himself, he has to change.  When a leader’s growth reaches a certain point, he has to change. He presented the idea (probably not a new idea but nevertheless) that leadership has to become more collective.

For more on what others have said on this session see:

Catalyst Day One – Getting Things Started and Andy Stanley


Well today was the first day of Catalyst.  Since this is my first year there everything is new to me.  And everything was WOW for me.  They really don’t spare any change in making this an unforgettable event.  At least I know now why the tickets are so much…

Anyway, today was a day full of incredible stuff that challenged, some stuff that was controversial and some holy moments too.  When trying to think, of a way to describe what Catalyst has been for me so far this is what I’ve come up with

What catalyst does is mix your mind and your heart together and adds a good helping of holy getupanddosomething

Yeah, that good.

One disappointment with catalyst was the unreliability of the wifi – I was really hoping to blog during the day so I wouldn’t have these late night posting sessions but it looks like I wasn’t alone in this.  Many of the official bloggers of catalyst were unable to get any kind of wifi connection either with both the in house arena wifi and at&t not playing nicely.  Still, blogs are getting written!  If I come across any I’ll post them at the end of each post I make on Catalyst.

What I’ve decided to do is write each post in a series so that they’re all linked together.  For each speaker I’m just going to write about the one (or maybe two) things that impacted me the most out of what they spoke.  I’ll also post links that I’m aware of at the time of posting to other coverage about that speaker. I’m not going to be writing a post on every speaker, partly because there are some that I just didn’t listen to (because I skipped out early to check out booths without the crowd swarm) and some I just didn’t hear (because I wear hearing aids and have tinnitus and my prayer for close captioning doesn’t get answered…one day! One day.)  Oh, and I should mention, if you’re following Catalyst you really need to bookmark Visit it and you’ll know why

A few remarks I’d like to make about the beginning of the event.  A woman (sorry, my recognizant abilities are not great) opened up catalyst with an amazing Hallelujah moment and of course FEEBAND came out ROCKING the house with some awesome worship.  I’ve read about this band and now I know why people around here love them.  I’m SOOOO glad the Catalyst package included some free downloads of their music!

Andy Stanley was the first speaker.  He shared from Joshua 5:13-15 and here was the biggest takeaway for me.

It’s really not about who’s for you or against you – it’s really about who you are for.

In other words, are you, am I willing to submit my skills, abilities, opportunities, my person to God and His bigger story?  God was in effect saying to Joshua, “I have not come to be a part of what YOU are doing.  I want YOU to become a part of MY story!”

When Joshua was near the town of Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with sword in hand. Joshua went up to him and demanded, “Are you friend or foe?”
“Neither one,” he replied. “I am the commander of the Lord ‘s army.”

Joshua 5:13-14

The commander of the Lord’s army answered, “Neither”.  Why?  Because it’s not about who’s your friend or who’s your foe.  It’s about who you are for.  Are you for God and His plan?  Is He Lord over your life?  Are you wanting His mark to be made through you or are you just wanting to make your piddly little mark?

Andy said that there is a statement on his Dad’s wall that has always stuck out with him – “God takes full responsibility for the life wholly devoted to Him”

Andy really hit home as he finished with this:

You need to settle once and for all why you do what you do and who your doing it for…Living to make my mark is to small a thing to give my life to…so, let’s give our lives to leaving His mark!

What a challenge!  And how liberating!  You don’t have to concern yourself with who’s for you or who’s against you – concern yourself with who YOU are FOR!!  And it better be Jesus.

(check out what Kevin, Brad, Jason, and  Kent,  have to say about Andy if you want to read more)

Catalyst 2009 – Labs

Take Action!Thanks to a wonderful church family who believe in supporting their pastors in growing as leaders I was able to attend Catalyst 2009 (link takes you to Catalyst Backstage – a great way to follow what’s happening) this year.  I am so grateful – thanks friends!

Today was the day for the “Labs” sessions here at Catalyst.   They are called that because they are more concentrated sessions offered from a wide variety of speakers that you can choose from.   My mind was expanded today and my heart was stretched and I was inspired!  It was amazing.

I took tons of notes but here’s some takeaways that I want to highlight here (by the way, I was really hoping to post during the day but had little success in obtaining wireless access – dang company supplying access to the arena won’t take any of my credit cards {shrug}):

Perry Noble:

Perry was Perry.  I’ve never had a chance to hear him speak in person but let’s just say he has a way of saying things that dive through the veneer of superficiality and into your heart.  Perry spoke on “Four Convictions about Vision” and grabbed it from Acts 26.  Incidentally, I so appreciate Perry because while what everyone else said was good – Perry was the only one who you really got a sense started from the Bible and wrapped his message around it.  A great way to start the day.  Here’s some points:

  • When God calls you the steps He asks you to take on the journey aren’t easy.
  • Leadership continually takes us to uncomfortable places.
  • “Some people in the South don’t know the war’s over”
  • God has a sense of humor
  • God: “You got to be willing to let me take you into places that are incredibly uncomfortable”

Vision begins with an accurate view of Jesus

  • Before God gives us the plan we’ve got to buy into the person of Jesus
  • The church doesn’t have a resource problem the church has a Jesus problem – they don’t have an accurate view of who Jesus is!
  • We’re supposed to tell people who Jesus is not who we are!
  • Our job isn’t a social agenda
  • “I’m glad you want to save the earth but God is going to destroy it one day!”
  • Perry: “Our church does recycle”

Vision calls us to Action

  • When the alarm goes off its to propel us to action.
  • Is God setting off the alarm?  What am I doing about it?
  • Acts 26:16 – God is calling the church to action
  • Stop saying, “I’m just waiting on God” How arrogant?
  • God already made the first move 2000 years ago – God is waiting on us!  Challenging us to take action.
  • Are you using prayer as an excuse to procrastinate?
  • Jump!
  • Most of us know the change that we need to make but we’re to scared to make it.
  • What action has God called you to make
  • People leaving isn’t always a bad thing.
  • The church is called a body (so why are we so consumed with closing the back door…!) // You had to hear this point in person, take a minute to think about what Perry is saying here (the audience got it as soon as Perry mentioned the church is a body…)
  • Part of the cost of leadership is losing people.

Vision will impact me personally

  • Leaders must be willing to pay the price of pain in order to achieve.
  • God gives you vision in direct proportion to the pain you’re willing to endure.
  • Pain -> Resurrection -> Gain (What Jesus went through!)
  • “I appeared to you to appoint you as a servant…”
  • Two ways in which vision will impact you personally… 1.  I see it and 2. I feel it.
  • We don’t do everything, we do something.  He’ll reveal the vision.
  • Are we more into attendance than repentance?
  • If you pursue Jesus there are people who will hate you, blog about you and generally make life miserable for you.
  • Vision is going to cost you personally.

Vision will lead to Victory

  • Three things Perry doesn’t like (well he used a stronger term…): snakes, spiders and cats.
  • Acts 26:18
  • Stop talking about all that you don’t have and remember that you have the Holy Spirit and all that God has available to those who will go to reach people.
  • Stop using Noah as an excuse to stop evangelizing and reaching people for Jesus.
  • If God gives you a vision it will produce fruit.
  • God called the church to impact the world!!
  • Worship passionately, preach Jesus unapologetically, call people to repentance. The “formula” for Newspring’s success (Perry)

Reggie Joiner

Reggie spent most of his session focusing on on how the church needs to shift it’s thinking in the way we approach the family.   He emphasized the reality that it is family that influences us more than church.   He talked about how too often the church presents the image of what a perfect family looks like and presents that to the families.  The problem is that there are so many families that have situations and circumstances that are so far removed from that “picture” that they get discouraged and disillusioned and will never experience the relationship God wants to have with them in the midst of their families!

Reggie made the interesting point that God really never gives us a picture of an ideal family in scripture.   When you think about it, it’s true isn’t it?  In fact, you look at all the heroes of the Bible and you can’t find one of those heroes with a family life that God holds up as the ideal!

Reggie also blew me away with this statement, “Your calling as a leader should not be to get families to conform to a common picture. Your calling is not be build better families, or better church.  Your calling is to engage individuals, generation, into a relationship with the living God.”  Wow!  What a challenge!  And reminder.   He said, “Parents don’t need a better picture, they need a bigger story” and the story is the restoration and redemption God wants to do in and through parents in they’re own family.   Reggie said, “Never buy into the myth that you need to become the “right” kind of parent before God can use you in your children’s lives”

Another powerful statement that Reggie made was, “God doesn’t use perfect pictures, He uses broken people. God uses authentic, broken people in their stories and their messages. They are real.”  This led into one of the branding moments for me so far at Catalyst, it’s a phrase that I needed to hear and every ministry really needs to hear, “If I knew you the way you knew you, I would probably disqualify you from ministry – and vice versa – but GOD uses you”  How true!  That doesn’t mean that we become satisfied with the failures and cracks in our person but it does mean we don’t get stuck there!  God qualifies us based on our relationship to Him and our salvation in His Son.  The greatest work of God is what He does in and through broken people.

The rest of the day…

I attended a few other sessions and heard some great stuff but unfortunately my tinnitus started acting up and I struggled to concentrate.  Pray for me.  Those of you who know me well know I struggle from a ringing of the ears that is always there but sometimes gets louder.  When it gets louder, it hurts and it turns my thinking to mush.

Looking forward to tomorrow!



Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children.

Ephesians 5:1 (NLT)

Wow, this verse just kind of jumped out today. Why imitate God? Because you are his child. And not just any child – His dear child. A child that is precious to him. Oh, and we’re urged to imitate God in EVERYTHING we do. Why? Because we’re His son or His daughter.

If we keep in mind that the believer is not just named a child a God but is RECEIVED as His DEAR child then it liberates us to be as our FATHER is. We don’t do GOD things because we should – we do GOD things because we want to bring pleasure to our FATHER.

I’ve seen this at work in my own children’s lives. When I treat them as dear to me. When they KNOW they are dear to me – they go out of their way to imitate me, to do what I do. Why? Because they know I love them, they know they’re important to me.

And so, I will imitate my Father.

(image from WaveCult on Flickr)

Unfolding Neurons 4.0

Something Old, Something New

I seem to have a penchant for spending more time on the structure and looks of my blog rather than focusing on writing.  I just never seem to “like” what I put up.  I’m hoping that changes with the latest shell I’m using!

For 4.0 I’m using the excellent theme called, “Arclite” by Digital Nature as the base.  I’ve decided to step away from theme frameworks for a bit.  I’ve spiffied it up a bit with some new plugins, some custom coloring and layout and a brand new logo.

I’ve also come up with a new tagline for my blog, “Darren Ethier and the quest for Clarity”.  Really, clarity is a quest.  I started way back in May of 2006 partly because I wanted to try out this blog thing and mostly because I wanted a place to sort out and “dump” all the stuff I think about – hence the name of the blog.   I haven’t really posted as much as I’d have liked to because somewhere along the way my focus shifted more to developing websites for other great people and organizations and I have done more coding than writing.  Still, the new theme represents what I really want this blog to be about.  Finding clarity in my thinking,  in what I learn, and in what I teach.

I’m really hoping to amp up my writing in the coming year and get out some of the draft posts that have been piling up!  One of the features of the new design is a featured articles section (see the “Articles” link in the navigation menu).  Over the next week I’m going to pore through the work I’ve already written and mark the good stuff for publishing on that page so if you want the cream of the crop you can head on over there.

I’m still working out some bugs and tweaking with the design but for the most part I’m happy with the new design – this is probably the blog design I’ve liked the most out of all that I’ve used.

Let me know what you think of the new in the comments!

What I tweeted the past week.

  • Sorting thru some family photos in the new version of Picasa. It has face recognition – pretty cool! #
  • Reading the book "Leadership Coaching" and prepping for my next coaching training session. #
  • "..Jesus raised his eyes 2 hvn & prayed, "Father, I'm grateful that U have listened 2 me. I know U always do listen…" (Jn 11:41-42; MSG) #
  • will be down at 12am tonite. My webhost is moving everything to a new server. I hope everything goes smoothly. #
  • @Jeff_Durante Hi, is my personal blog. I'm a webdeveloper as a hobby and the Assistant Pastor of in reply to Jeff_Durante #
  • @Jeff_Durante Welcome to the K/W area! in reply to Jeff_Durante #
  • My daughters set the table tonite. Awesome job. Even wrapped the utensils in paper towels 🙂 #
  • Really hope I get picked for the GoogleWave beta tomorrow… #
  • @human3rror toshiba in reply to human3rror #
  • gonna push to get the new theme designed for my blog tonite. Doubt I'll finish, but I'll try! #
  • Looks like I didn't get any of the first round Google Wave invites. Did u get one? Please invite me? #
  • RT @dubs20 There almost all gone Im picking 7 ppl for the last of my Google Wave invites…. #
  • @jakesta Hey thanks for the point to @dubs20…I'm suspecting he's just trying to pump his follow count though… still – will try – thanks! in reply to jakesta #
  • @GeoffMHeeg awesome! in reply to GeoffMHeeg #
  • @human3rror drenobi at gmail in reply to human3rror #
  • @jfarhood HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! in reply to jfarhood #
  • @GeoffMHeeg what's happening dm or msg me in reply to GeoffMHeeg #
  • thanks to amanda allen for #donatefriday ing me for my #organizeseries plugin -> I'll be passing on the love in a moment. #
  • #donatefriday – Donated to Austin Matzko for his WordPress DB Backup plugin -> //keeps things safe #
  • @wptavern Hey dude that's awesome! Did you put the donatefriday website up? in reply to wptavern #
  • @wptavern hmmm…maybe someone wants to turn it into something bigger. in reply to wptavern #
  • today is a blah day. #
  • none of my domains are resolving. Even my webhosts site is down #bluehost. #fail. #
  • okay, who broke #bluehost? Hands up. #
  • #mediattemple is looking like it's worth the extra $100 bucks now. #bluehostfail #
  • Rule #1 for a webhosting company. Don't become a trending topic on twitter because your servers go down #bluehostfail #
  • Even is down (the president of #bluehost) #bluehostfail #
  • On a massive fail like this it'd be nice if the #bluehost would at least send an email out to all it's customers… #bluehostfail #
  • #bluehost is back up and so are my sites. #
  • Well looks like my sleep is done for the night. 🙁 #
  • @jfarhood no someone just decided they didn't want to cooperate with mom and dad 🙁 in reply to jfarhood #
  • Service was awesome tonight! #