KaBoom One-Liners (Episode #3)

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Alright, the word for this episode is gravid. (grav-id)

KaBoom was walking his dog Chachachink (a beagle/daschund cross) down Red Boulevard when he bumped into John Busybody.”Hey KaBoom, did you hear the news about Mr. and Mrs. FightAlot’s separation?” KaBoom did a quick look around and then gazed in a conspiritorial way as he leaned in towards Mr. Busybody, “No, I didn’t but I’m sure you’re just gravid with all the juicy details. Now make sure you don’t speak too loudly because my dog here is a bit of a gossip…”


Words of Christ?

The Day I Was Crucified

Rating: 3 out of 5






Author: Gene Edwards

Year: 2005

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 0768422248

I was given this book to read by a lady in my church. At first from the title I thought it would be a testimonial about someone giving their life to Christ and implementing Jesus’ instructions to His disciples to ‘Take up their cross’. However when I actually picked up the book to read I noticed the subtitle, “as Told by Jesus the Christ” which clued me into the fictional nature of this book. I’d never heard of the author before so I had a little chuckle when I read this promo piece on the back cover,

…There is good reason for his being called “The Most Loved Christian Storyteller.”…

From the high recommendations and reviews given this book in it’s cover pieces I was looking forward to an interesting read and in that regard I wasn’t disappointed. I agree with Bill McCartney’s comparison with this book as a written “drama” on par with the visible drama developed by Mel Gibson in “The Passion of Christ”.

With that being said this was a good story and I emphasize that because while it is clear that the author is drawing from direct biblical sources in crafting this work there are many assumptions and conjectures being made on the thought processes and some of the “behind the scenes” stuff happening in the circumstances surrounding Christ’s crucifixion. It certainly could have happened that way but that is by no means a declaration that it did happen that way. There are some artistic liberties taken in this story that don’t seem to directly contradict the witness of scripture but nevertheless are developed by “filling in the blanks” with the author’s interpretation of events.

Whether or not this book was a “rhema revelation that was put deep within Gene Edwards by the Spirit of the Lord” it does rightly communicate the incredible agony and suffering Jesus willingly endured for the sake of grace and love for His creation (us). I was moved by the thoughts written on paper of what it must have been like for Christ and the level of sacrifice he endured on the cross and the intensity of what occurred there for those who would be redeemed. I can’t say that I was moved to the same degree as what was quoted by one reviewer but it did affect me on an emotional level.

My only concern (and it’s not a really big one at that) with these kinds of books (and movies too) that develop a picture of biblical events is that the power of a story holds incredible sway and it’s easy to supplement the truth of scripture with the subtle nudges in the wrong direction via the emotions/thought processess invicted by the story. In some ways its best to leave some of the “mystery” in the missing blanks to prevent projecting wrong ideas over the truth of scripture. For those not grounded in the Word of God such stories have the potential of becoming a “word from God” rather than being taken for the fiction (based on fact nevertheless) that they are.

Also, even though these creative pieces can provide an entry point for people to be introduced to gospel truths there is danger that the seeker would gain an incorrect bias before even being introduced to scriptural witness!

In conclusion, for entertainment value and emotional impact Gene Edwards did provide a good read. I definitely wouldn’t consider it a doctrinal thesis…but then he probably didn’t intend it for that anyway!

Power-filled living…

One Holy Fire: Let the Spirit Ignite Your Soul

Rating: 4 out of 5






Author: Nicky Cruz

Year: 2003

Publisher: WaterBrook Press

ISBN: 1578566525

What an inspiring read! In this book Nicky Cruz gives a glimpse into the ups and downs of his experiences as an evangelist in the course of sharing his message about the vital importance of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He reaffirms the necessity of believing that God is able to work in ways we think impossible to accomplish His work through the calling He places in our lives. Our job is to recieve, believe, and obey! This book is not a “how to” or theological excise of the person and work of the Holy Spirit but rather is strewn with personal stories and experiences that draw attention to the power of a right relationship between one man and His God. The kind of relationship that is emphasized we can all enjoy if we desire so.
I thank Nicky for being forthright about the challenges that come with serving God in full-time ministry and his faithfulness and surrender to the Lordship of Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit are an inspiration to me in the ministry God has called me to!

Return to Ethierville

My family and I are back from the cottage (was gone the last week) and we had a great time! The fishing was good (between all of us we caught about 4 walleye, 3 pike, and too many perch/sunfish to count), weather wasn’t too hot or cold and overall the time away was very relaxing. Only thing I hate about vacations is the packing up and unpacking :lol:! Anyway I should be back to more frequent posting here at YAR! for a while. For the next few days there will be a flurry of posts while I put up book reviews of the books I read while I was away and I’ll be adding a lot of pics to the gallery as well.

UPDATE: Added all the pictures from the vacation to my gallery! (June 17,2006)

The Great Escape…

Break Out!Nah this isn’t a prison story…were you looking for a prison story? I just wanted to put a note in my blog about me skipping town for a week. My family and I are going to a rented cottage along with my mother, and my sister and her husband (and Aidan their brand-spanking new baby of course!) We’re going to Chesley Lake Camp at a cottage we rented last year…we had a good time so we decided to do it again.

We all need breaks once and a while…and its healthy for the soul 🙂 There’s no internet access where I’m going (which is a good thing) so I won’t be making any posts to my blog for a week. Wouldn’t that be funny if I came back and find out there’s been thousands of visits while I was gone? For those of you who do somehow stumble upon this blog…I hope you enjoyed your stay! Come back again!

KaBoom One-Liners (Episode #2)

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Alright the word for this episode is arbiter. (are-bit-err)

KaBoom was peering into the windows of the electronics shop (and leaving marks on the window I might add). He was fascinated by the big-screen T.V.s being showcased just inside the window. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a salesperson moving quickly to the entrace door with a disapproving look on his face. The door flung open and Mr. FancyPancySalespersonWannaMakeBigSales whined, “Alright KaBoom, you’ve been at that window long enough, either come in to the store and make a purchase or move along!”KaBoom held out his hand and said (while still looking at the TV’s), “Hold your horses, and put away your whine, these TV’s need an arbiter and you’ll just have to wait your turn.”


KaBoom One-Liners (Episode #1)

What are Kaboom One Liners? Go [here] to find out!

Alright the word for this episode is paucity. (paw-sit-tee)

Kaboom was going about his business, you know the usual – twiddling thumbs, smacking his lips, blowing spit bubbles. Today he was sitting on a bench in the park. Along came Bigmouth who said with a smirk, “Kaboom, you really need to get a life!”Kaboom slowly turned to look Bigmouth in the eye, “Oh my, I never realized such a paucity of brain cells could result in such an elucid observation!”


In the Hockeyville race

Hockeyville Canada

Year: 2006

Producer: CBC

Length: 1hr

Category: Sports

Media: On TV

Rating: 3 out of 5

The town I live in is one of the finalists in this competition CBC/Kraft are running to find the one community in the country who has the greatest passion for hockey and the deepest community spirit. I must admit that when I first thought about this contests and Hanover’s entry I thought we stood little chance of getting as far as we have. Kudos go to the organizors of our entry for pulling the community together and entering such a successful bid for the title.
What is hockeyville? Well the winner gets a bunch of cash prizes towards the improvement of the community arena but the thing that intrigues me the most is that there will be a NHL Exhibition game held in the winning towns arena. That’s pretty cool.
Anyway, tonight showcased the final 25 communities that are in the running which will be narrowed down to 10 communities by Friday (by judges and people’s votes). I’ve gotta admit that the only thing that really keeps me watching the episode itself is wanting to see representation from Hanover but honestly the rest of the show itself isn’t a real attention getter. It would be if they would have less talk and more profiles of the individual communities…but I understand theres’ only so much they can show in an hour when there are 25 communities involved! More than likely the next episode on Friday will have more such profiling.

Anyway, cheers to Hanover…the place to be!

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