Why? An Important Question

If I ask you, “why are you doing what you’re doing?” or “why did you make that choice?”, what would your answer be. Some answers are better than others because…

Catalyst 2009

I had the privilege of being able to attend Catalyst 2009 in Atlanta. With over 12,000 in attendance, Catalyst is the largest convergence of next generation leaders in the country. This year is the 10th anniversary of Catalyst. This series covers some of the speakers and things that happen at Catalyst as I saw it.

PAOC General Conference 2010

Here are my notes from the General Conference of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada that I attended in Edmonton Alberta May 10-13. This series of posts covers the speakers that I took notes for.

2011: A look back A look forward

This is a series of posts doing a review of the year 2010 and whether I hit some of the marks I was aiming for. At the end of the series I take a look at what I’m hoping for 2011.

A Practical Overview of the @wordpress/data API

This series is an overview of the @wordpress/data package surfacing the various interfaces you can use for managing data and state in your WordPress (or React) application.

Organize Series Usage Tips

I developed the “Organize Series WordPress plugin” to help me manage and make it easier for readers to find various articles I’ve written as part of a series. In this series of articles I am writing about how to use this plugin effectively and in the process I’ll be working through various features of the plugin.

Wordpress as a CMS

This series takes a look at the process I went through in adapting Wordpress for use as a Content Management system in the development of various websites I’ve worked on.

Zimbabwe 2007 Project

Zimbabwe 2007 is a project that I am honored to be a part of which will involve me going to Harare Zimbabwe, Africa along with 7 other men from my church. We are going to serve at the Village of Hope which is a community providing for the needs of children orphaned by AIDS. This series chronicles my experiences related to this project.

Ukraine Missions Trip 2009

I had the incredible privilege of joining a team of people from my church (Waterloo Pentecostal Assembly) to go to Ukraine to visit some orphanages and serve there. The trip was from December 27 – January 6th. This series is an account of my time there.