Into the next decade…

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these year end, year beginning posts, but this is a significant year as the 2010’s draw to a close and the 2020’s have begun. So I figured it be a good exercise to reflect and predict. Let’s start with reflect: Reflect I’m going to group things […]

Merry Christmas 2010

Hey everyone, I hope your day is going well so far!  I love enjoying this time with my family and friends.  To all my readers, have a blessed Christmas and a very HAPPY New Year! I’ve included for your reading the text of what I shared last night to my church family (modified a bit […]

a perspective on the church

About a month ago I read a great post by my friend John Pellowe touching on the whole subject of competition between Christian Ministries.  You should go read it then come back here.  It prompted a comment from me as follows: I love the position you outline here about competition among ministries and it’s a […]

Doodle Psychology #2

If you saw my first doodle you’ll understand what these posts are about.  Here’s the second doodle that just appeared when I started drawing randomly while thinking and listening (I tend to do that, I’m fidgety by nature).  So, as I always ask.  What do you think this means?

It’s 2010 – Here’s to a New Year!

[image from flickr] ..and new decade – wow!  What was I doing 10 years ago?  Hmmm…I think I was doing an all-nighter with some youth in the church I was pastoring in Hanover.  Honestly, I can’t remember… which is probably not a good thing.  I actually caught myself saying to my 6 year old son […]

New Website Release:

A couple of days ago I released a new website that I designed for some friends of mine who are the new directors of the Village of Hope in Malawi, Africa.  David and Connie Buzikievich are an awesome couple who are following through with their offer to God to take them wherever He wants and […]

A Day for Joy

In playing with a new service called Animoto I decided to create a short video highlighting one incident from my short-term missions trip to Zimbabwe in June 2007.  As part of that visit to the Village of Hope in Zimbabwe, I went to the “plots” which are a slum-like area with terrible living conditions that […]