Unfolding Neurons?

If you’re reading this (brave soul you are) you’ll find that some posts here might make sense and others might not. I find that in so many things I write, I hit the backspace key about five times more than any other key because I’m so particular about what I compose.

So…the purpose of this space is for me to ramble….get my thoughts on paper (err..data…bytes – you know what I mean) without worrying about “editing” it for the “public”.

Of course this isn’t a “bare all “site but merely a place for me to “think out loud” as it were. So there is an important disclaimer here: Don’t take anything I say here as my “official position” on something unless I clearly state “This is my official position” (or something like that). When I “think out loud” it’s a way for me to sort out what I really believe is important – and I do that by seeing the words on the screen and (hopefully) from time to time seeing what others think in return.

I find it interesting reading through old posts and seeing how my thinking has evolved over the years. So it’s even possible that you’ll come across something I’ve written that I don’t even really agree with any more (or there’s more nuance to what I actually think now).

Readers of this site may get a chance to gain a glimpse into the things I think about and the processes that lead me to form opinions, make decisions etc. I welcome your comments – just keep things civil!

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