#PAOCGENCONF2010 – Gordon Franklin

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series PAOC General Conference 2010

Here are the notes from the session with Gordon Franklin:

The text Romans 16:3-16, Philippians 1:3 (where Paul lists greetings to his peers)

  • For Paul this wasn’t just a list of names!
  • It is a mosaic of memories of people that changed Paul’s life, who impacted him.
  • We need to thank God for spiritual history before us.
  • When mailing “the list” Paul is exposing a foundational family in his life.

Personal application, who is your honour roll?

  • finish this “… I thank my God everytime I remember…”
  • Don’t just tell the people that they’re on your honour roll but also why they are there.

Remember that for this series I’m just posting the raw notes and then I’ll be posting a wrap up post with my reflection on all the messages I heard.  But for this post, do you have an “honour roll” in your life?  Who are some of the people who have had an impact in your life?  By the way, I’ve been reading this interesting series of posts on honour over on the LifeChurch.tv Swerve Blog, check it out! (each one of those links goes to a different post).

I Choose to Honour

Well today is Remembrance Day.  War is a terrible thing – certainly there’s reason to argue against the taking up of weapons and nations going to battle.  The cumulative damage that war has brought to our world over history is incredible.  War is certainly the greatest testament to the terrible influence sin has had on man.

Yet, there are also times where battles are necessary – to fight against evil that would seek to tear apart justice and plunge the world into chaos.  Remembrance Day is all about remembering not only the calamity of war but honouring those who battled (and are still battling) and putting their own lives on the line to keep evil from winning.  Today, I choose to recognize and honour those who fight for us.  I choose to honour the families and friends of those who have lost their lives in that fight, because they too have paid a price so that we could know freedom.  To the men and women in the good fight – I salute you, and I thank you!