To reach the finish line you have to do something…

I often find myself looking at all the things I have to finish (because of my obscenely large todo list) and it overwhelms me and I shut down.  I’ll end up procrastinating and wasting time because I don’t think I have enough time to get started and finish something in the time I have in the moment.  I discovered a secret.

It is what you do in the moments that bring progress and eventually lead to a finish.

Are you stuck because what you have in front of you seems to big to accomplish in the time you have to get it done?  Then capture your moments and do something that brings you closer to the finish line.  Resolve that you may not finish it in that moment, but you will be closer than what you were before.

Don’t stay stuck, get started.

Do something.

The finish will come quicker than you thought it would.

How do you get on the Map?

By being unique, credible, worthwhile, and nice…

Unique is not different – it is standing out.  Different is just a nice way of saying, “weird”.  Unique is captivating not just attention getting.  Sometimes “weird” catches people’s interest – but uniqueness keeps it.

Credible means trust.  It is when expectations are met or exceeded.  Your uniqueness better be credible or there will be no repeats.

Worthwhile means value.  If what you have adds value to someone then you are on their map.  If you aren’t worthwhile then you aren’t on the map.  Here’s the twist – the more valuable the other person feels the more “worthwhile” you are.

Nice is more than friendly – it’s caring.  When you really care then you get on the map.

Are you, is your organization, your product, your business “on the map”?