Organize Series 2.0 Roadmap

I just thought I’d write a little update about some of the things I’m working on for the next version of my Organize Series WordPress Plugin. As I’ve noted in my earlier post, the existing version of Organize Series will not work with WordPress 2.3 because of the way I had written the plugin to […]

“Getz” has been gotten

WordPress 2.2 (code-named ‘Getz’) has just been released and I decided to upgrade and see how it goes.? So far, so good.? Took me about 5 minutes and it looks like nothing is broken.? The only glitch I saw was that for some reason my “ElseWhere’s” section (blogroll) in the footer had a mysterious […]

WordPress upgrade to 2.0.5 a success…

I wasn’t going to bite the bullet and upgrade to 2.0.5 but I decided to go ahead anyway. I used Mark Jaquith’s Changed Files .zip for upgrading and it worked like a charm (Thanks Mark!). So far I’ve had no problems with the upgrade – looking forward to 2.1!