Organize Series 1.5 Released!

I just can’t get away from working on this plugin – I find it too useful for the various websites I write and I keep tweaking it to make it easier for me to write posts that are a part of a series and display the information that I want to display. The problem is, I’m spending so much time on developing this plugin that I have little time to actually write articles 😆 !

Anyway, this release of the Organize Series WordPress Plugin is chock full of great enhancements and minor bug fixes including the following:

  • Added a function/tag for counting the number of posts in a series. (tag returns a value). See usage instructions below for manually placing this tag (it is automatically included in the auto-tag insertion for series meta information)
  • Added a function for writing series meta information (?This entry is part x of x in the series, ?The name of my series?) to the posts that belong to a series. This is automatically added by default to your blog but it can be disabled for manual insertion via the new option on the options page for the plugin. See usage instructions below for manually placing the series meta tag.
  • Added options for the html tags surrounding the series meta and for the post description word. Added to the options page for the plugin.
  • Redid the layout of the admin options page for the plugin so it?s organized a bit better and a ?little? bit more prettier. I recognize that more work still needs to be done of course ;) .
  • Added to the admin options page for the plugin a feed from this blog that displays posts related to the Organize Series WordPress Plugin so that users can see at a glance if there are any updates available.
  • Fixed the requirement for posts that are part of a series to have the parent series category selected.

There are some other goodies I’ve added as well for those of you who want more control over how your series info is displayed on your blog/website. Head on over to the plugin page to see all the details and download the new version!

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