Organize Series 1.6 Released! Bug fix and New Feature

I’ve just pushed live the new version of my Organize Series Plugin for WordPress.? I was going to hold off doing a new release until I got some more features added I had in mind but the bug fix that is in this publish couldn’t wait.? So without further ado here’s the scoop on what this version includes:

  • BUG FIX: Blank screen/errors in the options panel when plugin installed in WordPress versions below 2.1.
  • NEW FEATURE: You can now set how posts will be displayed on the series ?table of contents? page (i.e. ascending or descending, ordered by date, author, title etc.) This can be selected via the new options panel on the plugin options page. (NOTE: This appears to only work with WP 2.1+ for now – I?m still investigating if it works with other versions)
  • NEW TEMPLATE TAG: ?is_series()? This tag will check for if the displayed category archive page is a series category. Returns true if it is, false if it isn?t.

As always, for the download and installation/upgrade and usage instructions, check out the plugin page.

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