New Look: Unfolding Neurons 3.0

Time for a change around here.  A change that’s actually been in the works for quite a while.  I started working on a new theme for Unfolding Neurons at the beginning of 2008 but got sidetracked by changes in my life and never could get back to working on the theme I was developing (realized I didn’t like it anyway).  Part of the prep for the new look involved restructuring my blog and doing a major decompress of all my categories.  I eliminated over 40 categories I was using and decided I would use categories for the major themes in my blog and tags for all the other ways of describing what I write.

When I saw what was coming through the pipes with WordPress 2.7 I decided that rather than developing a theme from scratch, I’d take a look at what other good themes are out there and modify one to suit my needs.  That’s when I came across the excellent “Hybrid” theme framework by Justin Tadlock which he developed with WordPress 2.7 in mind.  What I like about Hybrid is that it is a framework that you can build child themes off of and if Justin updates Hybrid I can switch in the update without having to worry about the custom changes I’ve made for my site.  Unfolding Neurons 3.0 is actually built off of a child theme for Hybrid that Justin created called “Old School“.

I’ve still got more ideas for how I want to display posts around here but at least I’ve got the basics down.  Some of those ideas include styling  posts in certain categories a certain way and emphasizing “Asides” differently than other posts.  I also want to remove the Organize Series posts from the main loop on the front page and maybe move them to the sidebar.  But that might not be such a big problem if I can start posting more frequently here…which is something that I hope to do now that my blog has a fresh new look 🙂  If you are a reader of Unfolding Neurons (or just a lurker for Organize Series stuff) – let me know in the comments what you think of the new look!

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