Organize Series 2.0.4 released

For those not familiar with what the Organize Series WordPress plugin is or does – please visit this page.

This is a pretty significant changeset that fixes some things with the Series Table of Contents page:

  • Series Table of Contents page now returns the correct header (‘200’). It was returning ‘400’ before the fix. see this thread.
  • NEW FEATURE: You can now indicate what the browser title bar will say on Series Table of Contents page via the Series Option settings in your admin. The default will be “Series Table of Contents Page”
  • Fixed a conflict with “All In One SEO Pack” plugin affecting Series Table of Contents Page.
  • Thanks to gnouros for detecting and testing my fixes of the above errors for me!
  • Shortened the “official” plugin name to “Organize Series” to match the directory in the svn repository – hopefully this will fix the indicator not showing up in your plugin list for when there’s a new version of Organize Series out. See this post in the WP Support Forums.

Installation is simple – just download, extract and copy over existing files.  If you want to adjust the <title> on the Series Table of Contents page head on over to your Series Options settings and you’ll find it right below the “Series Table of Contents URL” option.

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